Boss Lady: 5 Ways To Harness Your Power

Being a boss lady means so many things. We are everything from the lawyers shaping justice, to the scientists breaking boundaries, to the CEOs of our households. Read on to learn all the ways to harness your boss lady power.

Even if you don’t realize it, you have boss lady power moments every day. Whether it’s something small, like speaking your mind at work, or something big like a promotion, there’s a boss lady in all of us. When we’re faced everyday with instances of gender discrimination, us boss ladies must support and praise each other — because that’s what boss ladies do. Read on for all the ways to harness your power.


5 Ways To Harness Your Boss Lady Power:

1. Run Sh*t: Like A Boss Lady

Boss ladies come in all shapes and sizes, but have one thing in common: they run sh*t. A boss lady can literally mean a lady boss in a work space, but our definition of boss lady is a woman who gets life done, whether that be at work, at home, in an office, with their coworkers, family, dog, cat, friends, etc. Boss ladies are those who enthusiastically embrace new opportunities and confidently say no when necessary. Boss ladies know the beauty in balance. 

Proof that we run sh*t — the National Center for Education reports women “earn almost 60 percent of all undergraduate degrees and 60 percent of all master’s degrees.” Women are qualified. In fact, The National center for Education Statistics reports “in 40% of families, women are the primary or sole breadwinner.” Women are on the up, and we should never forget that. 

2. Support Women Owned Businesses

The most powerful thing you can do as a woman is support other women. The way society works today is simple — money equals power. For women to have power, they must land executive positions, grow their companies, and have their voices heard. What better way to support a woman than with your wallet? This year has been huge for women owned businesses. Three of the four startups that became unicorns in 2019 were founded by women (SCMP). Women in powerful positions serve as role models and show young people their potential — and you have the power to be a part of this. Next time you go to make a purchase, why not choose the woman owned business instead? Voting with your dollars is a small act and makes a huge difference in the big picture.


3. Dress The Part and Show Your Woman Power

The first step in being a boss lady is to feel powerful. An easy way to accomplish this is to dress the part. The way you dress can actually have a significant impact on how you feel and think about yourself. Dressing up can give you a direct boost of confidence, making it easier to put your best foot forward at work and at home. 

Clothing rental services make it really easy to dress the way you’ve always wanted. They take the hassle out of always having the right thing to wear. An example of a clothing rental service geared towards professional women is Armoire. Amoire’s Chief Boss Lady, Ambika Singh, had the vision to create a product that would help other women. She saw the need for a service that would give working women an unlimited closet, remain budget friendly and all the while detract from unnecessary clutter or stress. Armoire addresses and solves many stressors that women have to deal with every day, making sure every woman feels and looks their best in their armor to go out and kick a** in every aspect of their lives. Through clothes, Armoire is giving women the power they need to tackle anything. To check out women owned brands Armoire carries click here

4. Be A Part of A Women Supporting Women System

Women supporting women is a crucial part of women businesses success. Just by supporting our fellow hard working ladies we are taking a step in the right direction for extraordinary woman power. There are many emerging platforms made to facilitate women supporting women. One example is Dough, a subscription website that makes it easy to support and find women owned companies. When one woman wins, we all win.


5. Seek Companies That Are For Women By Women

Spread the love to feel the love. For women by women is a term that literally means women creating a product that fills a need for other women. Nobody knows what women need most besides women themselves.  Some “for women by women” products include Bumble, Shine, Armoire, Daily Harvest, Cora, and many more. These products make life easier and give women maximum boss power. The goal behind each one of these for-women products, is to help you stand a little taller, and be a little bolder. Boss ladies know that building each other up is the biggest way to make a difference.

Keeping with the “for women by women” momentum, boss ladies are all for helping women because they know life has its ups and downs. Boss ladies know when to give advice – but they also know when to accept help. We may not always have the answer but other women in our lives will be there to help us through it all. A true boss will ask for assistance, advice and company when they need it, they will also be there to help out, share and make life easier for others. Make sure to be a boss lady for everyone in your community and we promise you will receive a lot of boss lady power back.

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