The Science Behind Women Supporting Women

It is important to acknowledge all the ladies out there changing the world. Women are qualified. They are the doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and mothers we all know. While there is still an undeniable gender gap, there has been some serious progress for women entrepreneurs. In fact, Business states, “Women-owned businesses in the United States continue to grow at a faster rate than any other demographic.” This is an upward trend we fully support. But, all this accomplishment didn’t just happen – it came from hard work and a solid support system. Every woman needs a support system in order to succeed. Women supporting women can translate to monumental accomplishments. Don’t forget to build each other up, as it’s the best way for all of us to succeed. 


Women supporting women is a crucial part of women businesses success. Just by supporting our fellow hard working ladies, we are taking a step in the right direction for extraordinary woman power. There are many emerging platforms made to facilitate women supporting women. One example is Dough, a subscription website that makes it easy to support and find women owned companies (here is a list of even more female powered brands to know). When one woman wins, we all win.

A recent Forbes article it states “Woman alone has power; collectively we have impact.” You can be part of the impact by being there for your ladies. The article goes on to explain “The Shine Theory, or “the idea that when you help another woman rise, we all shine.” Supporting other women actually makes you stronger. Help your neighbor, friend, coworker, boss, sister, mother, friend all shine a little brighter — we promise you will shine too. 


Every boss lady knows her success is possible because of her support system. We are all there to support each other — so show your support because when one woman wins, we all win.

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