Our Favorite ‘For Women By Women’ Companies

Spread the love to feel the love. For women by women is a term that literally means women creating a product that fills a need for other women. Nobody knows what women need most than women themselves. Some for women by women products we love are TomboyX, Dry Soda, The Riveter and Armoire. These products make life easier and give women maximum boss lady power. The goal behind each one of these products is to help you stand a little taller and be a little bolder.


Now let’s break down the companies empowering us and making our lives easier: 

The Riveter:

The Riveter is a working space that is built by women for everyone. On their website they state, “We are a national membership network offering content, community and coworking spaces, all designed with a focus on women in work. Equity of opportunity should be a reality, not a promise.” With spaces in Texas, Colorado, Oregon, California  and Washington, the Riveter is thriving. Working space built by women for everyone is a business we can get behind. 



TomboyX is “Comfortable underwear that fits your body and how you see yourself. Fit-tested on hundreds of bodies, size XS-4X. Be exactly who you were born to be—no apologies­.” TomboyX is underwear that embraces individuality, comfort and uniqueness. TomboyX is definitely a for women by women brand that knows that women, above all, want comfort and to be celebrated for being themselves. 

Dry Soda:

Another one of our favorite for women by women brands is, Dry Soda, created by Sharelle Klaus. Klaus started Dry Soda because she was “frustrated by a lack of nonalcoholic beverage options to pair with her dinner, founded a soda startup that sold booze-free beverages that were sophisticated and not too sweet and paired well with food.” Sharelle Klaus saw a need for delicious and satisfying nonalcoholic beverage choice that was not in the marketplace at the time, so she decided to start Dry Soda. 



Ambika Singh, Chief Boss Lady of Armoire, saw a gap in the clothing industry. She decided to create a clothing rental service geared towards professional women. Ambika had the vision to create a product that would help other women. She saw the need for a service that would give working women an unlimited closet, remain budget friendly and all the while detract from unnecessary clutter or stress. Armoire addresses and solves many stressors that women have to deal with every day — and aims to make every woman feel and look their best so she can go out and get sh*t done.

Each one of these for women by women companies is solving a problem unique to women. From community work spaces, to clothing accessibility, to beverage options and even underwear, women entrepreneurs are finding solutions to everyday problems to help make your days better.

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