Boss Lady Spotlight: Emily Wilson Heldt

At Armoire, we’re casting a spotlight on some of the notable, powerful boss ladies in our community, and what being a boss lady means to them. Read on to learn all about Armoire member, Emily Wilson Heldt.


Her Life:


Emily Wilson Heldt

I’m a born and raised San Diegan, but I’ve also lived in Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and Honolulu. I came back home to go to grad school in San Diego when I was in my mid twenties. Don’t plan on leaving! I’m well traveled and multi-lingual. I speak Spanish and have also studied French and Mandarin.


I’ve been married for six years to an amazing man who is a fierce feminist, great listener and careful thinker. We have two daughters who are currently 4 years old and 20 months, so needless to say, I don’t get much sleep. I am an audiologist (a doctor of ears and hearing) and am currently working part time while my kids are still little. 


In a couple years when our kids get older, my husband and I would like to start traveling again! Our dream is to get in a camper van every summer and wander all over North America, Europe, New Zealand etc.

Her Career:

How she’s redefining women who work:

In the last 20-ish years, my profession has changed from being predominantly male to predominantly female. I had a patient once tell me that I was “pretty good for a lady doctor,” which I find both hilarious and tragic. I’m hoping that in the not so distant future we no longer have male jobs and female jobs because frankly that dichotomy doesn’t actually exist. I believe it takes a certain kind of person to make a good healer, builder, banker, or leader (just to name a few), which is entirely separate from gender.

Emily Wilson Heldt

Her biggest challenge:

I work for a very large organization where it’s quite hard to create change. I have a list of things I want to shift or change, and I’m always studying, watching and waiting for the right climate. Some things take finesse and patience.

Her secret to a work/life balance:

 Other than the obvious of working part time, which I am grateful to be able to do, I also firmly believe that your job should stay at work. I’m the only one in my department that doesn’t have their work email on their phone and guess what? It’s never been a problem. Take your time outside of work to actually enjoy your life!

What she wishes she knew 5 years ago:

Reflect carefully and honestly about what you want your life to look like and shape your career accordingly, NOT the other way around!

Her advice:

Go for whatever it is that you want! It’s so hard and scary in the beginning, but confidence and knowledge comes with time (often quicker than you were expecting).

Her Style:

Why she uses Armoire:

I love that I am constantly able to wear new clothes! It’s so much more affordable for me as a mom to rent my wardrobe, as opposed to buying. 

Emily Wilson Heldt

Her favorite part:

It’s so easy to take risks and try something a bit outside of your comfort zone. Don’t like it? Send it back and try something else! 

How does Armoire fit into your life as a boss lady?

I love wearing statement pieces when I go to important meetings. It always helps me feel powerful and instantly boosts my confidence. Sometimes I’m hoping to intimidate people (only a little), and I always want to be taken seriously.

What Armoire outfit do you feel most powerful in?

I love the Zuri dresses, especially because of their fun prints!

A peek inside Emily’s closet

Of Mercer


Rita Row


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