Zuri Dress Worn 4 Ways

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If you’re “not into” bright colors or bold patterns, you haven’t tried a Zuri dress. Zuri is pretty much magical. It’s universally flattering, encourages experimentation, conjures compliments, and supports the Kenyan economy from which it’s made from (it even has pockets). 


Although this piece is seemingly a dress, it can actually be worn 4 ways. Here are 4 ways to wear a Zuri dress — and we promise, it will be your new prized possession. Rent your Zuri with Armoire.


The Zuri dress comes in numerous prints, all sourced from Kenya. Throw on this dress as is and embrace the bold, sophisticated and comfortable style. Wear with loafers (or sneakers) for the office, or neutral heels for a night out. This piece can truly be dressed up or dressed down.



Add a black belt to the dress…and ta da! You have a whole new look. The belt really changes the dress and creates a more polished look while adding some shape.



The perfect dress easily transitions into the perfect skirt. 

  1. Unbutton the top buttons of the dress
  2. Shimmy it down to your waist
  3. Tie the sleeves into a bow at the front
  4. Add a simple tee. 




Unbutton the dress completely and wear it with dark wash jeans and a tee. Layer a long necklace to dress up the look for brunch or even work.


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