Rent Clothes to Take Small Risks

Embrace Uncertainty

Reject your lizard brain, the part responsible for primitive survival and “fight” or “flight”. Embrace uncertainty by renting clothes. Even though we are somewhat pre-conditioned to avoid risks, we can train our brains for large challenges by tackling small risks. We aren’t suggesting you quit your job without a plan or move to a new country without warning. What we are are suggesting is you take small risks on a regular basis with renting your clothes. By renting, you also eliminate the financial risk since the cost is fixed every month.

Risk taking has been associated with building confidence, spurring creativity, encouraging emotional resilience and feeling happier and more engaged. Stepping outside of your comfort zone helps you push your intellectual and emotional boundaries. Your brain needs regular training just like your body. Risk taking is for the brain like exercise and balanced diet are for the body.

Failure is an Option

Failure should be an option but it’s also an opportunity to learn. The definition of risk taking means you don’t know the outcome. That being said, renting clothes is an easy way integrate small risks into your routine. Start small and take little risks. Seek out new colors and patterns in shapes you know are flattering for your figure. Next try the midi skirt or culottes paired with something from your closet. Finally,  push yourself and try sequin joggers and or a silk floral jumpsuit. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Wear it once and send it back for the next boss lady.


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