Rent Clothes and Learn Something New

Learn Something New

Renting clothes is new to most of you. While it’s easier to learn than python or a foreign language, it can take take time to integrate into your life. On average, it takes more than two months before a new behavior becomes automatic. Like any new habit, it may seem confusing at first. Expect to have questions about Armoire and renting clothes. Reach out and let us know what is unclear and how we can do better. Since we are a startup, we are learning every day too. Give us your feedback and let us know how to make the experience better. We have big plans and even bigger goals to provide the best rental experience possible for all boss ladies. Our team is here to help. We’re all renters too, so we can help you integrate clothing rental into your life.


What should I Rent

Rent clothes that are similar to what you already love. Need a new black sheath dress for work? Rent one but try a new neckline or fabric. After you try some “safe” styles, you’re ready for the next step. Try items that aren’t “your style”. This is part of the learning process. Renting clothes isn’t like buying. There is no commitment or ownership. We can’t guarantee you will love every item in every shipment. That being said, we bet you will love something you didn’t expect to even like. Stop worrying about each item and think about your events.

Why Should I Rent Clothes

Be a conversation starter at your next work event or family gathering. Clothes become less about yes or no and more about maybe. Try more maybe items after you’ve rented a few yes I already know I like that brand/item/style. Definitely don’t give up after your first shipment or your first month. Give it a chance. It takes time to integrate rental into your daily routine. There are countless studies about how learning something new is good for your brain. Renting will transform your view of “shopping” and will help you learn a new behavior that will benefit you and the environment.

Random Compliments

Learning something new is a great reason to rent clothes. Random complements is an even better reason. Your peers and loved ones will notice your “new to you” clothes. Who couldn’t use more compliments in their life? Our members tell us over and over again that renting with Armoire has been directly related to an increase in random compliments from friends, co-workers and partners/spouses. Since we have to get dressed every day, why not make that a fun part of your day. Always have something different to wear and enjoy the compliments. You’re welcome.

We wrote about nine more reasons you should rent clothes here. 



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