11 Ways to Build Your Perfect Armoire Closet

You deserve that perfect Armoire closet feeling — when we know you better than you know yourself. Because we’re in this together, we put together this list of pro tips to get the most of your Armoire membership.

Do It Yourself (with help from the algorithm)

1. Help us get to know you, and use your style profile to keep us up to date.

Create your own closet by updating your style profile — based on your needs that week. Changing anything in your profile will trigger an instant refresh. For example, adjust your size, occasion type, or colors. Play around — the less restrictive you are, the more options you’ll have! 

Update your style profile here.

2. Heart items to build out your favorites tab.

If you only do one thing, this is it. Hearting items you like and might wear later will make your Armoire closet bigger and even more personalized.

When you heart an item, we’ll add the item to your favorites tab. This is the best way to build your own curated closet. As long as the item is available, your favorites will always be waiting for you. Whenever something appeals to you in your closet, heart it for the future. Every. Time. 

Armoire closet view

3. Heart & disheart to train the algorithm.

The heart and diseart features help us get to know you, and your fit and style preferences, better. As a result your closet will “get you” better over time!

Heart: When you heart items we know to keep that item in your favorites, and find more items like this in the future.

Disheart: Dishearting is important too! When you disheart an item, we won’t show that item to you again. We’ll also use that information to learn more about other items we have that might not fit your preferences.

Armoire closet view

4. Customize your Armoire closet by using the button.

Select what you’d like to see in that closet based on occasion and category. This is a less detailed version of updating your style profile. Select your items based on the week ahead. Remember, your membership comes with unlimited and partial exchanges! 

customize your Armoire closet gif

5. Review each item honestly. The more you tell us, the better we get you!

Each time you review an item, your closet gets smarter. To get geeky for a moment, our proprietary algorithm learns about your preferences from your profile, and then gets better and better with each piece of feedback you leave – whether that’s hearts and dishearts, or the reviews you submit on each item you’ve rented.

Your feedback also helps our community of boss ladies know more about each piece! Leave notes to help other boss ladies determine fit, they’ll show up anonymously in an item’s closet detail. Show us the fit and how you styled your piece by uploading and submitted a photo at the bottom. Insider tip: Review on your phone for easier uploading.

Armoire review item

6. Use the today’s new styles feature.

Heart and disheart the latest 20 styles each day to further refine your Armoire closet. Your likes will show up in your favorites tab if it’s available in your size. Your feedback also helps inform our buying team!

Explore today’s new styles here.

Armoire today's new styles

7. Try something new and live your best life.

The best part about renting is experimenting with your style guilt-free. Our job is to push you outside of your comfort zone and help you wear your authentic self! Try that red jumpsuit you would never dare buy. Embrace the new — and start living your best life.

Human Intervention (get help from a stylist)

8. Chat member experience to add more styles to your Armoire closet.

Use the chat box in the lower right hand corner, and member experience will add more styles to your closet. Chat with someone live M-F 9am – 5pm pst — or we’ll get back to you the next business day!

Start chatting here.

Armoire personal styling

9. Ask your stylist by using the button.

If you’re looking for something in particular, let your stylist know in detail (the more the better) by utilizing the button. Your stylist will read your request and build you a completely new closet asap. While she’s working on it, you won’t have access to browse your closet — but you can view your favorites and rewears. Another reason to build out your favorites tab!

Armoire ask a stylist

10. Book a 1:1 appointment with your stylist.

Our virtual styling sessions are great for those looking for a refresh. We’ll help you dial in your style and make sure your Armoire closet is full of pieces you love. 

In Seattle? Visit our boutique in Pioneer Square or Kirkland. Exclusively for members, styling sessions will set you up for success. Your stylist will curate a selection of pieces specific to your fashion needs.

Book your appointment here.

11. Join the PWR Chat Facebook Group.

Our members-only Facebook group The PWR Chat is a place to connect with other members, share pictures, and ask questions! By joining, you can see how others have styled their Armoire pieces and even ask for advice! 

Request to join here.

We pride ourselves on offering the best member support. We’re a small team of dedicated experience associates and stylists. Based on volume, our response time may vary, but we will definitely get back to you as soon as we’re able! Have questions? Let us know!

Not yet a member but ready to reinvent your wardrobe with Armoire’s clothing rental subscription? Take our 3-minute style quiz to get started!


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