3 Ways to Layer Clothing for Spring

We’re in this lovely transition period between the bitter, cold, gray skies and the warm sunny ones, also known as spring. And just like any of the other seasons, spring comes with it’s own challenges.

The main one we hear about at Armoire? How to look fun and fresh while still being practical for the day’s constantly varying elements. It may be 45º on the way into work, and then over the course of the day it heats up to the 60’s. That can make dressing for the entire day a true form of art.

What’s the key? Layering, folks! It doesn’t come naturally to all, but fear not, we boiled it down into three simple techniques.

Here are some great options to get use out of your spring transition pieces, while still looking on point no matter what the weather decides to throw at you.



The Double Stuffed

While wearing jacket under jacket used to be a styling faux pas, it’s heating back up and we’re fully embracing it! Ward off the elements with your heavier, trusted outerwear and once inside, let your new lightweight spring jacket shine! Some great on-trend jacket options include a floral bomber, an embroidered denim jacket, or a leather motorcycle jacket. They’re already starting to show up in our members’ closets.


The Jacket with a Dress

This is one of our stylists’ favorites and great for whenever you are tired of wearing pants! The classic jean jacket is a universal staple that’s great for throwing over just about any dress. You’ll stay warm enough and weather appropriate — but still be able to show off your colorful frock that makes every day better.


The More the Merrier

What happens when you come across that new spring piece you can’t wait to wear, but it’s just not warm enough yet? That’s when you pile it on! If you want to debut a new skirt, throw on a pair of tights or knee-high socks and boots with it. If it’s a new dress you’ve been dying to wear, rock it with jeans, add a long-sleeve top underneath, or throw a sweater over top.

We hope this gives you some great inspiration for how to wear your spring staples in a practical way. Remember, there are no rules to layering and pattern mixing is huge this season. If you put it on and are feeling it, rock it! And the beautiful thing about layering is that you can always shed something throughout the day while maintaining a put-together look.

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