One Dress, Many Ways

Okay, let’s admit it! We all have that one super-comfy dress that we can just pull on in a hurry, lace up our go-to sneakers and get out of the house already. For me, my current comfiest favorite is this little striped number from Armoire. I love myself some t-shirt dresses. They’re so versatile, and go like a charm with sneakers (hello, comfort dressing!).

Armoire has some amazing dressy clothes, but also many casual-chic dresses that all women need in their fashion arsenals. They’re so forgiving when you’ve had one slice of cheesecake too many, and look fabulous on most body types.

A t-shirt dress is a basic, cute essential that comes with amazing possibilities. The dress itself can be a block color, striped or printed. This can be quite a lifesaver when you want to switch it up for different events on a busy day. A chic striped dress, for example, can become a whole new outfit with just a few change of accessories.

Here’s how you can style yours to get the best out of it….

Morning Madness

Mad, rushed mornings need such staple styles to tide you over. It could be as simple as throwing on your t-shirt dress, sneakers and mirrored sunnies. If you have more time – you can coordinate with brown or tan accessories – a thin belt, a crossbody bag and comfy brogues. The best part: You’re all dressed up in less than five minutes, which leaves you more time to savor your morning coffee, and linger over breakfast.

Afternoon Lunch

This is for a coffee run or lunch with the girls. You can add a light layer, like a sleeveless vest, a denim jacket or even tie a flannel jacket around your waist. You can even experiment and add a floral jacket to it! Add a few gold accessories – thin layered necklaces or stacked-up bangles and that’s all the dress really needs.


Evening Tipple

Come nightfall, this dress turns into a dressy affair. Yes, you can wear your t-shirt dress for cocktail hour too! First things first, wear it with the sexiest heels you own. Yes to thigh-high boots and glittering pumps. Next, add a nice clutch or playful purse. Finally, swipe on some deep lipstick and let your hair down, literally.


Getaway Fly

If there’s one dress you must pack for your getaway, it has to be a t-shirt dress. The beauty of this dress is that one piece works many ways. You can add booties and a headband and spunk it up for a concert. Wear it with a wide-brimmed hat and a floral neckpiece to make it boho-chic for the beach. A military jacket and sneakers will take it straight for a road-trip!




Brass Striped T-Shirt Dress

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What Armoire Members Say:

Favorite piece in the wardrobe!

Easy, casual dress to wear when you don’t want to wear jeans, or pants.

Great little dress!

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