Dressing for Dinner with Angela Stowell

We interviewed Restaurant Owner, CEO, and Armoire member Angela Stowell. Read on to learn about her background, her style and what she’s wearing.


 Angela Stowell, What To Wear as a Restaurant Owner and CEO

Her Story

Past. Constantly on the front lines of the restaurant game, from scooping ice cream to wine sales to restaurant openings. A serious commitment to philanthropy, founding and directing her own fun-run, Eat Run Hope.

Present. The behind the scenes business brains as owner and CEO of Ethan Stowell Restaurants. Habitual board member, fighting everything from fetal diseases to youth homelessness, as well as the current United Way of King County Campaign Co-Chair. Mom balancing two young boys.

Future. Continuing to focus on investing in the company and the community.


Her Style

Go-to outfit… If it’s warm weather, I mostly wear dresses with sandals or black capri pants and a blouse. If it’s cooler, a blouse, skinny jeans, and a blazer are my go to.
Mostly dresses for… Restaurant openings, board meetings, weekends on Whidbey Island with her family
Based in… Seattle, WA


 in cooper & ella Ladybug Print Blouse in cooper & ella Ladybug Print Blouse  in Scotch & Soda Crewneck Pullover with Velvet Stars in Scotch & Soda Crewneck Pullover with Velvet Stars



How does Armoire fit into your life?

Armoire has been the perfect compliment to my closet. I attend a lot of events and public speaking engagements and because of Armoire, always have something fresh and fun to incorporate. I am a busy, working mom and don’t have time to do a lot for shopping.  The shipping and return process is super easy and quick – two things I value greatly.

What’s your get sh*t done mode?

Prioritizing is the number one thing I do. Make a task list, plan out what I need to get done. I can’t be in 15 different places at the same time, plus I have two boys to take care of. I need to have tasks, things I can cross off my list and move on to another. I love having a team of people I can fall back on to distribute tasks to. You need to know how to delegate when you own 15 restaurants.


Her Closet


Tart Ruched Sleeve French Terry Open Blazer

Other women say:

Just love this. It’s so versatile.

I will be keeping this!

Nice basic item. So comfy!



Vince Long Sleeve Cashmere Sweater

Angela says:

Super comfy, a great weekend sweater.

Other women add:

Loved this!


Tart Sleeveless Scoop Neck Cinched Waist Printed Jersey Midi Dress

Other women say:

Super comfy cute dress.

Very nice fit!



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