Rent Clothes for Guilt Free Consumption

Rent Clothes to Reduce Buyers Remorse

Did you know renting clothes can reduce buyers remorse? Instead of committing to a new dress or jacket, you can just rent it. Wear it once or twice and send it back. Buyers remorse often results from doubt about an item. How many times will I wear it? Will I still like this next year?

We’ve all felt buyers remorse after a clothing purchase. Sometimes it happens immediately and we rush to return the item. Unfortunately, buyers remorse can happen after the item has been worn. By reducing the number of items you purchase, you can reduce second guessing the jacket or top.

Consumer Spending Drives the Economy

Consumer spending drives the economy, creates jobs and is measured by every government on a monthly basis. In the fourth quarter 2019, consumers in the US spent $14.2 billion. About one quarter of that amount was spent on non-durable goods like clothing and groceries.

While most of us don’t need more clothes, we are constantly reminded of something new. Retailers and brands spend billions convincing us we need another sweater, jacket or dress. Undeniably these ads appeal to our brains and emotions. Products follow us on Instagram and the Internet relentlessly. Who hasn’t made an impulse purchase after seeing an ad?  Impulse purchases are easier than ever thanks to mobile phones and Instagram.


Joy of Consumption 

While you can’t “buy happiness” material purchases can provide joy.  There are plenty of studies that have measured happiness resulting from a purchase. We’ve all felt happy after a new clothing purchase. Who hasn’t been excited to wear something new. Renting clothes is one way to experience regular joy without the guilt. Similar to shopping, you can still have the thrill of the hunt every month or week. Importantly, renting enables the experience of wearing something different and unexpected without the commitment or buyers remorse.  

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