Amanda Friedman: Start-up Founder, Mom and Rental Clothing Connoisseur

Amanda Friedman

Past: Worked in SoCal as a set designer on music videos for 12 years.

Present: Start-up founder and CEO of Babyrific, full-time mother.

Future: Building out her app that helps parents find kid-friendly activities at any time, for any occasion.

“I would not use 30% of my budget on only 2 pages of a 200 page script. I see my time as a similar currency.”

— From Amanda’s TV days

Amanda’s style:

I like the term boss lady. My definition of that has evolved over the years. When I worked in television, I was given the nickname Demanda, then it was Commanda. It was how I got things done.

Now, I see things differently. Instead I work to inspire my team to come to conclusions on their own and think outside of the box. Instead of making commands, I’m asking questions and letting them come to their own solutions.

With time back:

When I began my Babyrific, my shopping came to a screeching halt. But now, I’m excited about my clothes again. Every week I have something different to wear. Plus, I often already have my wardrobe planned out for the week, which is a big time saver. And the bonus is there’s always at least one piece I wear twice in one week.

Trick of the start-up founder trade:

I always rent 3 printed pieces and one solid. Printed items are typically what I tend to wear once. Then, the solid is what I’m testing out to buy and add to my own curated wardrobe. My latest score is the Ted Baker black skirt — I bought it! I never would have gone into the Ted Baker store and tried it on. 3 printed and one solid piece is a great method when it comes to rental clothing. I highly recommend it. Most importantly, it works — I have worn the skirt with several tops, and I love it.

Get sh*t done mode:

This stems from my TV days… when I read a script, I broke down how many scenes there were. And sets. And then how many pages were in each scene. That would determine my budget. I would not use 30% of my budget on only 2 pages. I see my time as a similar currency.

I evaluate everything I need to accomplish in a week, and I divide my time in the same manner I would with a script.

Plus: I delegate. As a mom and a start-up founder, I am capable of doing 90% of everything required of me. However, I intentionally relinquish 40% — my husband dresses our daughter in the mornings. It is sometimes a ridiculous affair. But instead of overseeing every detail of my life and business, I am letting others handle it, and I provide feedback when necessary.

I don’t feel like I need to do everything anymore. I use my resources.

10 minutes of solitude:


Favorite Armoire piece:

My Ted Baker Skirt. It is simple, black and has subtle details — and it looks good on me. I feel collected when I wear it, like a boss lady.

Boss lady inspiration:

My mother, Tami Michaels. She is a perfect example of success. She has a radio show, has been on the news, has a design company and flooring line, and spends all her spare time devoted to helping others. She’s hilarious. And really kind. There are so many people who do a lot in the world, but to make everyone’s day better at the same time is a big deal. She inspires me.


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