Reduce Your Clothing Waste

The fact that consumers these days are buying more clothes and wearing them less is no myth. The extreme buying habits are leading to 3.6 billion clothes left unworn annually (for more shocking fashion statistics click here). Clothing waste is a real problem today and has an immense impact on the environment.


Not only is the production of clothes harmful to the environment but because fabrics have been dyed, bleached, and chemically altered the afterlife of clothes is equally as detrimental. Buying smarter and buying less is the key to reducing clothing waste. But, dressing smarter and reducing clothing waste doesn’t mean you can’t stay up with the latest trends. You can take small steps to make a big difference.


A great way to always look good and feel good about your closet is with clothing rental. Armoire is the solution to an unlimited wardrobe while remaining kind on the earth. Armoire is a clothing rental subscription that encourages guilt free shopping and leaves you feeling excited about your new closet. You, your wallet and the environment will thank you for your subscription to Armoire. You will love your new wardrobe and you will be eliminating unsustainable fast fashion clothing habits by renting. The best way to reduce clothing waste is to consume smarter and consume less. Reduce your impact and still have that endless wardrobe feeling with clothing rental. Check this out to learn more about sustainable fashion.


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