Wear Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands to Reduce Your Impact

Eco-friendly clothing brands each have their own unique way of contributing to sustainable fashion. The reduction in water and material consumption and use of alternative earth-friendly textiles makes a clothing brand eco friendly.


Here’s a few of our favorite eco-friendly clothing brands available to rent at Armoire.

Stella McCartney

British designer Stella McCartney is committed to making environmentally friendly clothes by using only animal friendly products. Stella McCartney emphasizes “Fur-Free-Fur” in her clothing lines. The idea behind “Fur-Free-Fur” is respecting animals and using cruelty free materials, while remaining fashion forward.

Amour Vert

With their name literally meaning “Green Love” in french, it’s fitting that Amour Vert focuses on environmentally conscious fashion. The company even plants a tree every time a customer buys one of their tee shirts. Since their inception they’ve planted over 220,000 trees!


AMUR, a NYC based women’s retailer, states “great style does not have to come at the expense of our environment—and that design can strike a balance between beauty and good intentions. It’s an approach that’s woven into our very name: A Mindful Use of Resources.” AMUR’s dedication to environmentally conscious fashion is truly amicable!


Additionally, Zuri is named after the Swahili word “Mzuri” that translates to “good.” Zuri is a tunic and dress focused brand that describes themselves as “modern, bold and innovative fashion made in Kenya.” Zuri is working to create a sustainable economy in Kenya by paying fair wages and sourcing locally. Through their garments, they constantly strive to respect culture and encourage equality while growing a sustainable economy in Kenya. Plus, their vivid prints are a great conversation piece!

You can access all of these eco friendly clothing brands (and many, many more) through Armoire, the fashion industry’s first curated clothing rental service. By renting eco-friendly clothes, you’re reducing your fashion footprint twofold and supporting companies making big changes in the industry. Great work Boss Lady!

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