How You Can Support Green Fashion

We’ve all learned about the 3 R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle, at some point in our life. In order to best support the green fashion movement it is all about the fashion version of the 3 R’s, what we call DRU, which stands for, donate, rent and upcycle. Donating, renting and upcycling clothing are all small decisions that bring big change to the fashion industry.


Green fashion is the expression to make style and sustainability interconnected. Think about it — vintage is always on trend, so donate and buy from a local thrift store. Or, get creative and upcycle old clothing to give them a longer life span. Even Anna Wintour, Vogue Editor in Chief, daughter Bee Carrozzini, enjoys upcycling her clothes, recently restyling a bridesmaid dress. Just by restyling clothes you can extend the lifetime of your wardrobe.


In addition, renting clothes and wearing exciting, bold styles and swapping constantly is a great way to save resources and have a fresh closet. All of these means are routes to a sustainable end. Green fashion is about being creative, savvy, stylish and kind to the environment all at the same time. Supporting the green fashion movement could be as easy as reducing consumption, rewearing clothes for longer and recycling your clothes at the end of their life. Follow DRU, donating, renting and upcycling for small changes that make a big difference. For more reasons to rent click here.

Take our 3-minute style quiz to get started on your green fashion journey.


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