Rent Clothes Because Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Doesn’t Have to Equal Austerity

Rent clothes because sustainability matters. The facts on the environmental damage that “fast fashion” is causing is staggering and alarming. The industry manufactured 5.6 billion items that were never worn. The average consumer purchases 60% more clothing compared to 2000 but garments are kept half as long. This leads to 14 tons of textiles being thrown out per year just in the US. A typical pair of jeans takes 900 gallons of water to produce. 
That being said, sustainability doesn’t have to equal austerity. Small changes can make a big difference. 

Stop Buying and Start Renting Clothes

While there are some clothing items we all should continue buying, realistically most apparel can be rented. Waiting an extra day or two to really think about buying another item of clothing can reduce impulse purchases. Instead of searching online stores or your favorite boutique for something new to purchase, search Armoire instead. While you might think rental clothing is limited to tuxedos and formal gowns, many companies, including Armoire rent work, weekend and date night clothes. We guarantee our closet is bigger than yours and we are always buying more as our member base grows. If you’re looking for something, we probably have it. If you don’t see it n your closet today, we probably will have it next week or next month. Our merchants are buying every week for our members. Additionally, don’t be shy about asking us for items. We are building your dream closet every week and it’s always growing. It will become better if you tell us what you want to wear. 
While our intention is rarely to purchase an to wear once, few of us wear out our clothes. Sadly most of us also have items with tags or like new that sit forgotten in the back of out closets. Renting is a more sustainable way to get the “something new” while also being environmentally conscious. We support that 100%.


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