Save Time and Rent Clothes

Renting Clothes Saves Time

We have a simple time saving tip, rent your clothes. Couldn’t we all use more time in a day, week or month. Unfortunately we all get allocated the same 24 hours every day. While we don’t have a solution for time travel, renting clothes can give you back a few hours a week to focus on your family, career, friends or pet.  


Stop Wondering What to Wear

How long do you stand in front of your closet wondering what to wear. Pulling out item after item and still not excited about anything. How many times have you worn the same black sheath dress or pencil skirt and sweater in defeat. After a fews days of struggling to decide what to wear, you see an email or Instagram post of something new. An interesting top, dress, jacket….now you’re on the hunt. You tell yourself this new item is just what your wardrobe needs. Depending on your shopping preference, you have a strategy to find this item. Maybe you start Google searching and scrolling online stores  – or browsing through your favorite stores. You find it eventually. It may take a few days or weeks. Now you have another item to add to your closet. Sadly the joy can fade fast and the cycle begins again. Add up all of this time in a month — maybe an hour but most likely hours.  

Easier Mornings with Rental

Make your morning routine easier with rental. If you rent clothes from Armoire, you always have something new in your closet. Every month, even every week, your items will be delivered to your door. When you see that jumpsuit on Instagram, it can be yours in a few clicks without hunting through countless stores.   

Renting gives you back hours every week since you stop wondering what to wear. Even better, no more regular trips to the dry cleaners. Pick from your latest rental delivery and get on with your day.


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