4 Easy Meal Prep Ideas For Work

Just as clothing rental makes life simpler, so does meal prep. This seemingly impossible task is actually quite easy (and rewarding) if you plan ahead.

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To help get you started, here are our favorite work lunch ideas you can throw together in 30 minutes or less:

Super Bowl My Way

“I eat this every single day for lunch. It never gets old!” — Chelsea, Stylist


Cooked quinoa


Cherry tomatoes (halved)

Avocado (diced)

Sliced almonds

Olive oil/vinegar (I use Newman’s)

Pesto (Trader Joe’s vegan pesto)


Throw everything together in a to-go container in the morning and shake before you eat!

Tip: Cook all the quinoa ahead of time and refrigerate so you can use for the week.

Bschool Gnocchi

“This was my lunch hack in business school, easy and yummy.” — Kelly, Business Operations


Jalapeño chicken sausage

Cauliflower gnocchi

Tomato sauce

Garlic powder

Chili flakes

Dried oregano


When cooking gnocchi, ignore the directions on the package and just sear it in a pan with olive oil until it’s golden brown on the sides. After everything is combined, add garlic powder, chili flakes, and dried oregano.

Tip: It makes two days of lunches that heat up well and fill you up for the rest of the day!

Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce

“I make this New York Times recipe probably once a week.” — Anya, Marketing Intern


2 cups tomatoes (in addition to their juices)

5 tbsp butter

1 onion, peeled & cut in half



  1. Combine the tomatoes, their juices, the butter, and the onion halves in an instant pot and set for 10 minutes.
  2. When it notifies you it’s done, discard the onion and crush up the tomato chunks.

Tip: Add to your favorite pasta with fresh mozzarella!

Case of the Mondays

“Quick, easy, healthy, delicious.” — Emily, Marketing


English cucumbers (diced)

1 container feta

1 can garbanzo beans

Grilled chicken

Olive oil

Lemon juice




Mix all together.

Tip: Mix together in a to-go container, shake, and you’re lunch ready.

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