Around the World with Rita Orazem

As part of the #ArmoireForAll campaign, we interviewed Flight Attendant and Armoire member Rita Orazem. Read on to learn about her background, her style and what she’s wearing.

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 What to Wear as a Flight Attendant: Rita Orazem

Her Story

Past. Earned a degree in political science. Opened a cafe in my hometown of Detroit and ran it for 12 years before moving West- I was proud to be part of the close-knit restaurant community in the city of Detroit, which is still where my heart is.

Present. Flight attendant for Alaska Airlines. It’s an awesome job that allows the flexibility to spend lots of time with my husband and 8 year old daughter.

Future. I’d love to take a writing class. Maybe start a blog about my inspirations to live a simple authentic life. With recipes.


What’s your style?

Laid-back, with solid neutrals and lots of black, but it’s definitely in flux as I get older and look to redefine myself.


How do Armoire’s personalized recommendations help you?

Armoire helps me to break out of my safe zone and try styles I would never pick on my own. The fit and quality of the clothes are so good that I feel beautiful in almost everything I put on. I also love that I’ve been able to go virtually cold turkey on shopping. I strive to lessen my footprint, and I feel that by renting instead of buying I’m putting less stuff into the world.

What’s been your favorite Armoire piece so far?

Any jumpsuit I’ve been sent, and I had never even worn a jumpsuit before Armoire. The Diane Von Furstenberg leopard print wrap dress was a favorite of mine. I also wore an adorable romper on a Palm Springs ladies trip (and I had never worn a romper either!).

What do you do with 10 minutes of solitude?

Reheat a cup of that morning’s coffee in the microwave and turn on NPR.

Her Closet


Tart Dip-Dye Open Blazer

Rita says:

Comfortable, cool and put together at the same time.



Hunter bell Asymmetrical Fit and flare dress

Rita says:

Easy to wear. Nice transition from everyday to dressy.

Other members add:

Really flattering cut!


Yumi Kim Bird print Blouse

Other members say:

One of my favorite Armoire pieces!

Super cute! This was a perfect work option for summer days that are grey and don’t get above 70.



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