Armoire Announces Its Expansion Into Maternity Wear

A new pregnancy is typically an exciting and blissful time in a woman’s life, but can be met with a number of unfamiliar challenges – wardrobe selection being one of them. The need for an entirely new (and rapidly changing) wardrobe for so brief a time is a pricey proposition. Here’s where Armoire has a stylish solution.

Armoire, the “closet as a service” startup offering designer clothes for rent to monthly subscription members, expands its line to include maternity clothes, CEO Ambika Singh announced today. Armoire’s maternity launch grants women access to a personalized, unlimited closet, providing clothes that change with every stage of their pregnancy and after.


Armoire’s maternity service will operate similarly to its current service:

  • For a flat monthly fee, members get access to an unlimited closet with help from personal stylists and data driven curations.
  • Each package contains 4 pieces, which members can swap at any time.
  • Members can purchase any item they fall in love with at discounted prices.


“We believe clothes should complement your path, the ups-and-downs and, at times, chaos of women’s lives. Our decision to start carrying maternity wear echos one of our main motives as a company: to help women find clothing which allows them to pursue their goals, show their style, or lead busy lives, as conveniently as possible.”-Ambika Singh, CEO and “Chief Bosslady,” Armoire

Armoire aims to help women feel fashionable and empowered with their personal style through every event in their busy lives, from board meetings to nights out with friends, and now, becoming a mother. Their move into maternity wear helps solve a common problem for many mothers-to-be: how to maintain personal style and comfort through pregnancy without having to buy a new wardrobe. Armoire’s maternity rental helps customers cut down on the closet clutter and extraneous costs that tend to come with maternity clothing. Members who opt for Armoire’s maternity option will benefit from all the same perks Armoire currently offers (including one-on-one sessions with personal stylists and unlimited closet refreshes) at no extra cost.

Armoire’s move into maternity wear is a natural next step in their continual growth after launching in 2016.

About Armoire:

Armoire is a fashion rental subscription service founded in Seattle, WA. The company aims to provide the modern “Bosslady” with styles for every occasion in her busy life. Armoire takes the stress and clutter out of closets, saving valuable time and money. For only $149/month, members have exclusive access to a personalized closet, curated through a combination of advanced tech and personal stylists. Each monthly package includes 4 pieces, which are worn, loved, and swapped at any time for something new, dry cleaning and shipping always included.

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