3 Easy Fashion Risks to Take at Any Age

If you find yourself choosing the same black top and trousers every day (rings a bell, doesn’t it?) it’s time to switch things up. Taking fashion risks can be scary, but if you step outside your comfort zone we promise it will pay off. Yes, we are saying exactly what you fear most — to try bright colors, mixed patterns, or maybe a new silhouette. While you’re at it, why not give jumpsuits or a bright yellow dress a shot? The feeling of trying something new and loving it is unbeatable. 



Here are 3 easy fashion risks to take at any age:


Jumpsuits are taking the fashion world by storm. Find a jumpsuit in fashion weeks, corporate offices, galas, and on every boss lady inbetween. Jumpsuits are great because unlike picking out an outfit head to toe, it requires no fuss. Put on a jumpsuit and voila — your pants and top are all figured out for you. The jumpsuit trend is a hit, as long as you find a fit you’re comfortable in.

Animal Print

Now, this risk may seem outdated or even unoriginal, but animal print is a trend that comes back year after year, and even more stylish than before. Animal print can be worn as bold or as understated as you choose. Animal print could be as simple as a dark printed leopard pencil skirt or as daring as snakeskin pants. Whatever your style, animal print is a fun addition to any outfit. 

Bright Colors

Bright colors can sometimes seem impossible to incorporate into your wardrobe. An orange tee shirt or even a magenta skirt sounds daunting. But, done right, it will be your favorite risk to date. A great starting point to add bright colors into your look is a bright sweater tucked into your favorite pair of trousers, or even a colorful pencil skirt. Once you get comfortable with colors, try a bright colored dress or statement pants. Bright colors are perfect to incorporate to any work outfit. This is a risk you’re guaranteed to love.

The easiest way to test out these trends is by renting clothes. Renting through Armoire gives you that unlimited closet feeling with no down side to taking risks. If you rent a jumpsuit and then decide it’s not for you, you can just send it right back and exchange for a different item. It’s that easy. Taking risks has never been easier and more rewarding.


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