How To Pull Off A Jumpsuit With Style

How to Wear a Jumpsuit — 9-5 & Beyond

The jumpsuit manages to flummox even the most seasoned dresser, despite being just like a dress. If you’ve avoided this trend, now’s the time to give it a chance. The jumpsuit adds a touch of playfulness to your look, and is a fresh alternative to your everyday wardrobe choice. With rental, experiment with trends like this guilt-free—and have a blast doing so.

Jumpsuits come in many shapes and sizes, as do us boss ladies. Follow our jumpsuit tutorial by Senior Stylist Marie-Caroline Moir to rock the look nine to five and beyond.

Office Chic:

For a fashionable update on the familiar sheath or shift, try a jumpsuit with a blazer or long cardigan tossed over it—perhaps cinched at the waist with a skinny belt. This look is stylishly edgy, but still professional and warm. If the neckline of your jumpsuit feels too low for the office, try layering a long sleeve tee, turtleneck, or button-down shirt beneath it.

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