How To Pull Off A Jumpsuit With Style

How to Wear a Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit manages to flummox even the most seasoned dresser, despite being just like a dress. If you’ve avoided this trend, now’s the time to give it a chance. The jumpsuit adds a touch of playfulness to your look, and is a fresh alternative to your everyday wardrobe choice. With rental, experiment with trends like this guilt-free—and have a blast doing so.

Jumpsuits come in many shapes and sizes, as do us boss ladies. Follow our jumpsuit tutorial by Senior Stylist Marie-Caroline Moir to rock the look nine to five and beyond.

How to Style a Jumpsuit

Office Chic:

For a fashionable update on the familiar sheath or shift, try a jumpsuit with a blazer or long cardigan tossed over it—perhaps cinched at the waist with a skinny belt. This look is stylishly edgy, but still professional and warm. If the neckline of your jumpsuit feels too low for the office, try layering a long sleeve tee, turtleneck, or button-down shirt beneath it.

Dinner Date Cool:

Dressy jumpsuits abound at the moment, and there’s one for everyone. Worn with statement earrings, a motorcycle jacket, and a bold heel, this outfit exudes a cool elegance that simply outclasses the dress. A cropped jumpsuit with a defined waist is great for a petite frame. If you’re on the taller side, high waisted versions with flowy legs further elongate your form.

Weekend Vibrance:

Paired with a denim jacket, and some sneakers or flats, you can really cut loose with jumpsuits for a weekend shopping trip or a get-together with girlfriends. Try a slouchy or exaggerated shape, or even a bold print. The idea here is to have fun, so push yourself a little when it comes to silhouettes and colors. Smaller prints and less fabric are best for petites, or shapely figures, whereas large (but spacious) prints and voluminous shapes flatter the taller, and less-curvaceous end of the spectrum.

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