Less Waste, More Style — Making Conservation A Stylish Priority

Renting gives you the rush of excitement that comes with something new (to you), while reducing your impact on the environment. So give in to temptation and add those gold sequin joggers to your next case — but be smart. Rent, don’t buy this Black Friday. It’s time to make conservation a stylish priority.

  OF Mercer Beatrice Pencil Skirt    $155 Retail
  Haute Hippie Silk Leopard-Print Trousers    $395 Retail

Why buy a bunch of new stuff you’ll only wear just a few times when you can rent them? Even better, you’ll always have access to the latest fashions and the feeling of excitement you get from wearing something new. And even better than that, you’ll minimize what gets thrown away and make a positive impact on the future of our beautiful planet. Make fashion fit for you, and for the future.

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