Dressing Up with Writer; Mom, Alexandra Panic

As a part of our member spotlight series, we interviewed Alexandra Panic. Read on to learn about her life, her style, and why she loves rental. Be on the lookout for upcoming articles from Alex!

Bossladies, we’d love to share our closet with you.

Her Story


I grew up in Belgrade, Serbia, during a rough political climate, where I graduated in languages, and worked both as a TV journalist and a copywriter for a big ad agency. I also had three collections of love poetry published, the last of which, when I was 26, got me a full-page spread in the Cosmopolitan magazine. I moved to Seattle with my husband in 2009 and embraced a new language and a new life.


I am a full time mom and a full time writer, the two of which often doesn’t go well together. Learning from my own struggles, I designed MAMA WRITES, a personalized coaching program where I focus on working with women only, helping them find and shape their unique voices.


I see my books published in different languages across the globe. I see me traveling to writers’ conferences to give keynote speeches, always trying to inspire more women writers to embrace their voices and thrive. And a beach house would be a nice addition, no matter the size but by a warm sea.

Her Style

Favorite pieces —

I have fun trying out new styles, like jumpsuits. My favorite Armoire dress was a little edgy black dress by Alexander Wang – I even got Wang’s shoes to complement the dress and the perfect red cocktail dress by Nicole Miller Artelier that felt like it was made for my body.

Mostly dresses for —

I am a writer, and I work from home, or the Riveter, or coffee shops. I could wear yoga pants all the time, and it wouldn’t make any difference. But I love fashion. I grew up in a country where looking good was (and still is) an imperative. My mom wouldn’t leave home on a bad hair day, and she’d never owned sweatpants before she visited me in Seattle for the first time. So, I really love dressing up.

Style trick —

It’s all about the shoes! Shoes are the best accessory to any style. I see women every day in amazing garments but with a wrong pair of shoes for the outfit or occasion. With a good choice of shoes, one can change both style and attitude.

Based in —


Her Experience

Why did you decide to sign up for Armoire?

When I learned about Armoire, it was a few days before my birthday, so I decided to treat myself with a new experience. On the day of my birthday, I sat with an Armoire stylist who helped me figure out how I could make the most of my membership. I took fabulous outfits home for the coming holidays, and very quickly, I fell in love with the concept.

What do you love most about armoire?

Trying out new clothes and being able to wear them for a while brings a new kind of joy to my everyday life.

So many times, I tried on a fabulous dress, then stood in front of the fitting room mirror until I convinced myself that I don’t actually need the piece and that it would be more sensible to spend the money on something that I would wear every day. Armoire erased these struggles. Now I can wear whatever I please without remorse.

I also love the Armoire team – they listen carefully, answer promptly, and always have suggestions! I am well taken care of.

Where do you see the fashion industry going?

I can see this concept of renting fashion become more and more popular and sustainable. This gives women the opportunity to discover who they are and find their authentic expression. It also changes our inherited belief that we should follow trends and blend into the crowd to a new revolution of longing for individuality and independence in both fashion and life.

“Trying out new clothes and being able to wear them for a while brings a new kind of joy to my everyday life. ”

Her Closet

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