Revolutionizing the Denim industry with PAIGE

We interviewed founder and designer Paige Adams-Geller of our newest brand partner PAIGE. Read on to learn about her life, her style, and how she became the only female-founder in the denim industry.

Her Story

I have always loved the world of fashion and used to work as a print and runway model scene when I left Alaska to model in New York at the age of 16. I later transitioned into the world of fit modeling where I fell in love with design. After years of working for the top denim brands as a fit expert and design consultant, I realized that all of the premium denim brands were designed by men and I felt that there was a need for a fashion denim brand with a fresh female perspective.


  Paige Adams Geller, Founder of PAIGE  Paige Adams Geller, Founder of PAIGE


Behind PAIGE

PAIGE is a brand that represents everything I stand for – it is warm and inviting. PAIGE is a safe work environment for men and women and a place where people can grow. PAIGE is California lifestyle brand that takes you from morning to moonlight and fills out your closet from head to toe.



Her Style

favorite style tips?

I think that everyone should wear what looks good and feels good on their body. You can always find a denim silhouette that looks good on you and make it your own. It’s important to be comfortable in your skin.

What’s your get sh*t done mode?

I like to work out first thing in the morning, listen to my favorite music and solve problems. I meditate while I work out and it helps me problem solve and prepare for the day ahead.

How do you treat yourself?

I try to give myself loving kindness and treat myself as I would my best friend. It’s tough to do! My nature is to be in an abusive relationship with myself and be kind to everyone else, so it takes work.

Where do you see the fashion industry going?

The fashion industry has become more “buy now, wear now” and direct to consumer. Customers prefer instant gratification and a more curated buy. I’m grateful I can do that in our own PAIGE stores and hopefully give our customers a great online shopping experience as well.

what are you wearing?

My style is feminine and sexy with a little bit of edge. My uniform is a silk blouse with jeans, a leather jacket and boots from our new shoe collection. I’m wearing our leopard Cleobelle Blouse with my London boots, Annika Jacket and my black Hoxton Straight jeans.


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