Designer Spotlight: Zeraffa


The Story

“You know how you have that friend who just ‘gets’ you?  You dream up grandiose ideas of what you would do someday when you’re all “grown up”.  That’s our story – friends for over two decades.  As we grew older, we commiserated and celebrated our changing but still beautiful bodies.  We had discussed (and ‘solved’) just about every world problem except one – finding clothing that complemented our ever-changing uniquely proportioned bodies. So, in January 2018 we decided to just go for it.”

The Brand

Our philosophy is that beauty and elegance can be found in every size and shape!   Our toppers are designed to take advantage of every woman’s distinctive shape; to enhance rather than conceal.

In choosing a name, we looked for inspiration all around the world.  We decided upon Zeraffa, as a tribute to the embodiment of our philosophy – the giraffe – which is universally recognized as the most beautiful, elegant and graceful creature on the planet despite its uniquely proportioned body (long skinny neck, shorter wider middle, and long spindly legs).

Zeraffa also provided the means to fulfill several of our other grandiose ideas:

Women Helping Women:  We hired a woman-owned U.S. fashion consulting firm to convert our ideas into patterns and samples.

As for women helping women, Armoire is not only all about women empowerment within their own business, but their belief in our story and our product empowered us tremendously and that inspiration continues to energize us!   

Local & Sustainable Manufacturing:  Our toppers are produced by a Seattle area family-owned sewing company which has been providing excellent service to entrepreneurs for over 25 years.

Small Batch Production:  Zeraffa toppers are not mass produced;  instead they are carefully crafted in limited quantities.  

Zeraffa x Armoire Collaboration:

Armoire member Dona Sarkar in Zeraffa jacket

Armoire and Zeraffa share the concept of women supporting and encouraging women.  

The Armoire model inspires women to put aside the hesitation of purchasing a garment that is outside their comfort zone.  Renting frees the Armoire woman to experience fashion in the full range of color, fabric, cut, and style whether for an event, a day, a month… who knows, it might even become the new you!

Zeraffa is honored to be part of that journey by providing beautiful, desirable and well-made garments with a local footprint, limited quantity production runs, and environmentally friendly fabric  – all while keeping our customers’ shape, fit and comfort in mind.    

Behind the Brand:

Style advice:

Wear what makes you happy – you will always look fabulous!

Fit is key.  Don’t sacrifice comfort for style by having to pull, tug, or stretch a garment to fit your shape. 

Get sh*t done mode:

Organize your thoughts, put your head down and work until the job is done.

Being flexible is much more important than being right.

Boss lady inspiration:

Every woman who is true to herself – whether that is being in or out of a relationship, a friend, a mother, a career-woman or all of the above!

Every woman who is not afraid to leave her comfort zone and try new things.

The future of fashion:

Much more emphasis on sustainability – local manufacturing, providing the types of clothes women want rather than the stuff that looks fabulous on the runway but doesn’t fit anyone’s real life.

Advice to professional women:

Don’t feel like you’re alone.  Cultivate an inner circle of women you trust and respect and ask for help.


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