How to Have a Slow Fashion Mindset

Slow fashion is exactly what it sounds like, the opposite of fast fashion. Recently, the powerful truth of fast fashion has caught the attention of people around the world (check this out for more hidden truths about the fashion industry). Consumers are finally paying attention to the harm fast fashion has on the planet. Through shifting consumer mindsets away from a buying-focused mindset and towards a more intentional way of shopping, consumers can purchase clothing more thoughtfully.


The ethical clothing movement focuses on companies caring for the world and creating clothes with a future healthy earth in mind. Slow fashion not only keeps the environment in mind, but fights for safe and equal working rights for fashion factory working conditions. The dangers of working in the garment industry are undeniable, and it’s time for a change.

If you’re interested in learning more about the harmful impacts of the fast fashion industry, check out this incredible documentary: The True Cost!

As the opposite of fast fashion, this movement emphasizes the slower and more sustainable route of enjoying fashion. With less trend changes and more thoughtful production techniques companies are able to create timeless, durable and stylish clothing. Don’t waste your money and time buying cheap clothes — help save the environment with the high quality clothes you deserve! Rent high quality clothes at an affordable price with Armoire.

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