6 Dresses with Pockets You’ll Want to Live In

We all know the feeling of joy when you try on a dress and discover it has pockets. Over and over again in our boutique, we see faces light up immediately after the realization. You may not know it, but pockets are a women’s issue. Here’s some brief history.

Pre-pocket days, both men and women carried their belongings in small pouches slung from a rope. Eventually, men’s pockets were sewn into the lining of their coats, while women had to undress their petticoats to access their pockets. As dresses became more fitted, women started carrying tiny decorative bags — because what’s the point of a pocket when you don’t have access to money?

Later on as women fought for their independence, how-to’s on sewing pockets into skirts became increasingly popular. Campaigns emerged for women’s clothing to be more functional. The “Suffragette Suit” with at least 6 pockets was totally in vogue.

As women continue to fight for equal political and financial standing with men, brands are fighting back with pockets large enough to replace a purse.

Here are some of our favorite dresses with pockets, designed by women of course.

Diane Von Furstenberg — Midi Dress

DVF has established herself as “a leader of feminine silhouettes in the fashion industry.” We can always count on her designs to be flattering, flirty, and functional.

Of Mercer — Riverside & Baxter Dresses

Of Mercer, lead by two women creating workwear women want to wear, focuses on functionality — incorporating pockets “as much as possible.”

Brass — The A-Line

Brass was founded by two boss ladies to help women worry less about appearance so she has more time and energy for things that really matter. Jay and Katie “knew that pockets were integral to the design [of the A-Line] because our customer loves a dress with pockets.”

Yumi Kim — Prima Donna Dress

This women owned and run company’s “greatest reward is knowing every woman who wears the designs feels like the best version of herself.”

Milly — Graffiti Art Dress

Female-founded and designed, Milly wants women to feel chic and feminine. She champions women with her designs and outlook on life.

Rebecca Minkoff — Elia Dress

Rebecca is a strong advocate for women. Her designs inspire confidence for “every facet of a woman — who can be both a businesswoman and a mom, and create something that fits with all those parts.” Her styles are both classic and strong, and often incorporate pockets.


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