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The Story of Brass

Jay Adams and Katie Demo launched Brass in September 2014 with only five dress styles. With backgrounds in manufacturing and e-commerce, they joined forces to create a new fashion brand for women. They wanted an alternative to fast fashion but also couldn’t afford designer labels. When designing clothing, they stick with five principles including: beauty, quality, versatility, ease and purpose.

Brass Clothing Founders Jay Adam Katie Demo

The Wardrobe Gap

Brass consulted over 1,000 women and identified what they refer to as the “wardrobe gap”. Brass defines the wardrobe gap as the difference in expectation society has for how men and women present themselves in the workforce. Expectations of professional women in leadership roles are much higher than their male peers. Professional women need to balance being polished and stylish but also conservative. In contrast, men are glorified wearing hoodies or suits.

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Dressing for Success

Brass found that 77% of the women surveyed believe the way they look directly influences their success at work. Additionally, 84% of their customers have negative to neutral feelings about their wardrobes. Sadly the women also said they only feel good about their appearance 50% of the time.

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Armoire Member Reviews

Our members agree and have been raving about Brass items. Below are member reviews of their dresses. 

“Loved this one… tempted to buy! Super flattering and comfy. And pockets!”

“Really liked the shape, length and feel. Am tempted to keep longer but want t keep trying new stuff!”

“Perfect for work”       

If you haven’t tried Brass yet, rental is a great way to try their styles without the uncertainty or commitment. It’s our mission to discover great female designers for you to try at Armoire!

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