What Is Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion is the movement around fashion companies that are thoughtful with resources, employees and materials. The World Resource Center states that the water you drink for the duration of two and a half years of your life is equivalent to the amount of water it takes to create one tee shirt. Cotton’s nickname, a thirsty crop, is fitting considering it is the culprit for a considerable amount of water consumption in the fashion industry. Cotton happens to be the most common fiber in clothing.


Cotton makes up 33% of all fibers found in clothing. Ethical fashion is helping the environment by reducing water consumption through careful production of clothes and a swap in materials used. The change to reduce cotton usage may not seem like much but it is making big, positive impacts on natural resources.

Instead of using cotton, ethical fashion brands are using materials like wool and recycled textiles. Two and a half years of average human water consumption should be equivalent to more than one tee shirt. Sustainable fashion companies are working to make this happen! Rent with Armoire to help support a reduction to resources and a better future for fashion.

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