Your Guide to Sustainable Fashion Brands

Now that you know what it takes to be a sustainable fashion brand (limiting clothing waste, using thoughtfully sourced materials and implementing ethical production techniques), you will not be surprised to find out that clothing rental services is the best option to support sustainable fashion brands.


Armoire is a clothing rental service that allows you to access an unlimited closet, dress sustainably and save money. Armoire is exactly what your wardrobe needs. With a monthly membership program, where swapping clothing as often as you please is encouraged, you will wear the current styles you desire, but affordably.


Renting clothes helps save time so you can spend more time being a boss lady and looking the part! Try new styles and wear high quality clothes you deserve with Armoire. There are 10 great reasons to rent clothes and if you want to read more on why rental is perfect for you, check it out here. Renting clothes is a sustainable practice (and supports sustainable brands!) so feel good and look good with your Armoire membership.


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