Start 2020 Right with These New Year’s Fashion Resolutions

New Year’s fashion resolutions can change more than just your style. Successfully adopting changes is inspiring! After nailing your 2020 style goals, you’ll feel ready to take on anything. Armoire’s clothing rental subscription takes the hassle out of accomplishing your annual goals.

To make a new habit stick, experts say you need to stick to it for about a month. Getting dressed is an easy daily habit, something you have to do every single day. The routine of getting dressed makes it easier to keep your fashion resolutions. Sticking to your fashion resolutions can help you to adopt these habits in your life as a whole. What you apply to your wardrobe, you can easily extend to other parts of your life.

Make 2020 Your Year with These 4 Fashion Resolutions!


Simplify Your Wardrobe (and Your Life)

fashion resolutions simplify your life

Armoire member Lidiya Manchenko

Live more with less, and leave the clutter behind. Keep your closet and mind organized with fewer daily decisions to make. Armoire’s curated closet only shows you styles you’ll love, meaning you never have to waste time with online shopping’s endless scroll. As a member, you get all the fun of new clothes without the chore of dragging your kids through the mall or the wasted closet space when you only wear the item once. Now that’s #winning!

As a busy boss lady, you have enough to worry about! An Armoire membership takes the hassle out of deciding what to wear. Pick from your latest rental delivery and get on with your day! When you’re finished with your rentals, simply send them back in your prepaid mailer. We’ll take care of the dry cleaning for you, so you can check those annoying trips to the dry cleaner’s off your to-do list forever.

Simplifying your wardrobe can help simplify your entire life. After you’ve gotten into the swing of your newly simplify wardrobe, examine other areas of your life to see where else you can streamline things. Start small; Marie Kondo your spare room, get a dog-walker, meal prep. These minor changes to your life can have a snowball effect that can lead to bigger and better things. Who knows what you could achieve this year?!

Take Small Risks

Live a little this year! Experiment with your style and try the thing you would never dare buy. Plus, clothing rental means you can test out new styles commitment-free. No unnecessary purchases needed. It’s time to say goodbye to all those unworn items in your closet, and make room for your newfound sense of style confidence.

Start small and work your way up to larger fashion risks. Wear a new color, try a new print, or take one of the season’s runway trends out for a spin. Our team of professional stylists are always here to lend a helping hand if you need a little guidance on how to style your new look. Trust us, after a few compliments on your cute new look, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done this sooner!

fashion resolutions take risks

Armoire member Kat Eves

Risk taking not only boosts your self-confidence, but adds excitement to your life. As your adventurous style choices become a habit, you’ll feel more confident taking risks in other areas of your life. So put on a great outfit, go out there and get what you want! Ask for that raise you’ve deserved for months, let your friend finally set you up on that blind-date, dye your hair a new color. Whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do, this year is your time to finally take the leap (or the baby step)! With Armoire, you’ve got an entire community of boss ladies who’ve got your back.

Consume Consciously

fashion resolutions consume consciously

Armoire member Denise Aguilar

Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips right now in fashion. This year, you can do your part to combat climate change by consuming consciously. You can dramatically decrease your annual fashion footprint by renting instead of purchasing your clothing. Clothing rental is a more sustainable way to wear the feeling of something new, while also being environmentally conscious.

As a female-founded company ourselves, we’re all about boss ladies supporting other boss ladies. When you rent with Armoire, you also support female-owned businesses in the fashion industry. Not only is our inventory brimming with top designers and popular mainstream brands, it’s filled with independant female-owned labels too.

When it comes to conscious consumption, awareness is key. Pay attention to your daily habits to find other areas of your life where you could be more eco-friendly. Start with small changes, such as using a metal straw or a reusable coffee cup. After you see how easy it was to make these sustainable swaps, you’ll see that sustainability does not equal austerity. Saving the planet… now that’s some serious #bossladypower.

Spend Wisely

A guilt-free flow of new clothes? Yes please! With Armoire, you can try new items every month without the hit to your wallet. This year, resolve to stop wasting money on your wardrobe, without sacrificing an ounce of style. As an Armoire member you can rent thousands of dollars worth of clothing each month for only the cost of your membership. Do this for a year, and we promise you’ll see some serious savings add up.

Plus, with our inventory full of top designer labels, you can wear clothing from brands you couldn’t otherwise afford. Push that boring black dress aside and always have the right thing to wear, exactly when you need it. 

fashion resolutions spend wisely

Armoire member Jessica Naziri

After seeing the money you’ve saved with your Armoire membership, you’ll feel inspired to tighten your purse strings in other areas of your life. Use a budgeting app, DIY your next home improvement, or GASP skip your afternoon coffee run. Even small savings can add up over time. Set this money aside for a rainy day or save it and treat yo’ self!

Armoire’s curated clothing rental makes it easy to stick to your fashion resolutions. Take our style quiz to get started on your stylish new year.


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