Meet The Rising Stars Behind Armoire

We believe that the world can’t keep up with the modern woman. You run the show, do it all, and take a stance. The power stance. You don’t have time for dated and demanding processes — like shopping, scrolling, hunting, and styling. The reason we are passionate about building this business, is we’re giving women back the thing they desire most, and that’s time.

We’re so inspired by our members ranging from life-saving surgeons to US Senators, venture capitalists and tech CEOs, and incredibly hard working mothers of two, three, and even four children.

We’re doing it for you — and here’s a little bit about us.

Ambika Singh // CEO

Life Before Armoire

Before founding Armoire, I worked across diverse contexts in both small and large organizations, with roles in marketing, business development, product management, SEO and social media. I’m a proud Dartmouth and MIT Sloan graduate.

Ambika’s Style

I like wearing items that are unique! I’m a big fan of color and print and different silhouettes.

Fun Fact

I have been chased by an elephant.

Brittany Seabaugh // Merchandising & Styling

Life Before Armoire

As a young woman, I always had my own sense of style and dressed my mom and friends. I was told that fashion isn’t a career, so I went into Finance and to fulfill my dream (and spite everyone, jk) I got a job in Nordstrom corporate. I worked there for 8 years before joining Armoire.

Brittany’s Style

Classic chic with quietly trendy touches.

Fun Fact

In high school one of my friends made the comment that I never wore the same thing twice. They were right. I sort of continued that trend into my 20s. Now I like having a few staple pieces (a great pair of Paige jeans, my amazing Wool wrap coat, and a few cashmere sweaters) and mixing in Armoire for a little piz-AZZ.

Zach Owen // Algorithms & Engineering

Life Before Armoire

Before Armoire, I was at MIT — where I met Ambika. Before that, I was a Data Scientist Intern at Stitch Fix, where I learned how to apply algorithms to style & fit curation. Before that, I was a trading analyst at Barclays Capital for two years. I’ve gone from coast, to coast, to coast, to coast!

Zach’s Style

Casual tech — t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

Fun Fact

I love the Steelers.

Shefali McDermott // Operations


Life Before Armoire

Like a proper Native Seattlite I grew playing soccer. Was the assistant coach for the ladies team at Overlake High School while studying International Business at Seattle University. Went on to work in World Trade Management at PricewaterhouseCoopers for a number of years. Switched gears into tech and was the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Aditi Technologies. Now a mother, wife, and professional juggler; “Head of Theatrics,” according to my business card.

Shefali’s Style

Mostly street wear but I love any chance to wear a short cocktail dress.

Fun Fact

My DJ name is “DJ Shef.”

Miriam Subbiah // Product

Life Before Armoire

I grew up in Vermont and have been on the west coast for 8 years now. In November 2016, I decided I wanted to work on a product that wasn’t just socially and environmentally responsible, but also explicitly for women. Soon after, I found Armoire.

Miriam’s Favorite Armoire Pieces

A black, laser-cut, NUE by Shani dress – that was the very first Armoire piece I ever wore.

Fun Fact

My special talent in high school was being able to identify any pair of women’s jeans my female classmates wore, what brand they were and how much they cost.

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