Boss Lady Spotlight: Jamie Young

At Armoire, we’re casting a spotlight on some of the notable, powerful boss ladies in our community, and what being a boss lady means to them. Read on to learn all about Armoire member, Jamie Young. 

Who she is:

My name is Jamie and I just graduated with my MBA from UW Foster School of Business. This summer, I’ll be starting a sales/marketing role at Microsoft.

How she’s redefining the boss lady:

As a woman who works outside of the home, I recognize that the workplace is a socially constructed space that was not built for me. Research has proved again and again that equity and inclusion breed innovation. As a woman in the workplace, I champion fellow underrepresented voices. I strive to bring my whole self to work every day.

What she wishes she had known 10 years ago:

My anthropology degree is really useful! It has lead me into a deep interest in customer experience and onto a love of data analytics and strategic marketing. And now an MBA!

Jamie at her MBA graduation wearing DVF from Armoire.


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