Why Armoire is the Ultimate Rent the Runway Alternative

Our members know Armoire is the best Rent the Runway alternative currently on the market. As one of the first widely-known clothing subscription services, Rent the Runway may come to mind when you think clothing rental. Though at first glance, Armoire and Rent the Runway may appear quite similar, the similarities stop there. While both companies offer clothing rental through a monthly membership, here’s what sets Armoire apart.

Kelley McCoy wears Armoire
Member Kelley McCoy in Armoire.

Access to an individually curated closet

We understand how busy a boss lady’s life can be, so we took the work out of finding great fashion. With our fashion-savvy algorithm and team of hard-working professional stylists, we curate members’ closets with items that fit their unique style and fit preferences. Think of us like a stylish friend that applies the filters for you, so there’s no scrolling required to find styles you love. With our curated closets, you may discover something you would have scrolled right past on Rent the Runway. 

Member Kim Mitchell wears Armoire as Rent the Runway alternative
Member Kim Mitchell in Armoire.

Find styles for every occasion

Rent the Runway tailors their selection towards trend-focused young women, offering a plethora of pricey designer pieces suitable for weddings, black-tie events, and cocktail parties. At Armoire, we believe boss ladies of all ages deserve easy access to great style. Our individually curated closets make Rent the Runway the best Rent the Runway alternative for women who struggle with prioritizing their wardrobe. Regardless of whether you read Vogue religiously or can’t tell a skinny jean from a straight leg, whether you spend your free time shopping for the latest trends or running your side hustle, Armoire is the clothing rental subscription for you. We believe in Armoire for all, not just the fashion-savvy. 

Katrina Taylor wears Armoire
Employee Katrina Taylor in Armoire.

Try a personalized approach to clothing rental

At Armoire we take a more personal approach to clothing rental. Members can stop by our Seattle or Kirkland store fronts for a 1:1 styling appointment with one of Armoire’s professional stylists. Rent the Runway’s website explains that “stores feature a rotating selection of styles so we’re unable to guarantee specific styles for you to try on in-store.” Before each appointment, your Armoire stylist pulls a selection of styles specifically curated for your fashion needs and tastes. While Rent the Runway’s boutique may work for the fashionable city slickers of New York City, Armoire is the best Rent the Runway alternative for women who may need a bit of help finding styles that fit, flatter and boost confidence. Consider fitting room frustration a thing of the past! 

Ramona Cruz-Peters wears Armoire
Member Ramona Cruz-Peters in Armoire.

Support female-owned independent labels

As a female-founded company, we know the importance of supporting other boss ladies in their creative pursuits. That’s why we carry a number of female-owned independent labels, along with thousands of styles from today’s top designers to tried-and-true favorites by brands you know and love. That’s what makes Armoire the best Rent the Runway alternative for women whose busy lives demand a wide range of styles, from office essentials to weekend comfies to cocktail dresses.

Tamy Lugo wears Armoire as Rent the Runway alternative
Member Tamy Lugo in Armoire.

Avoid unnecessary charges or hidden fees

It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. While our algorithm and stylists are pretty spot on at knowing what you like, we understand that items don’t always work out. Whether you change your mind on a style or need to swap for another size, returns and exchanges are always free. While Rent the Runway offers “free exchanges,” they charge members $12.95 to cover shipping on returns. We think women put up with enough already, so we promise to never have unnecessary charges or hidden fees. Armoire offers free shipping, 24/7, 365.

Shannon Mann wears Armoire
Member Shannon Mann in Armoire.

The most value for your membership price

 We know how hard our boss ladies hustle, so we would never waste their hard-earned money. Armoire is the best Rent the Runway alternative for women looking for the best value for the price of their membership. Armoire members earn more twice as much as Rent the Runway members when they refer their friends. Whereas Rent the Runway only offers members $30 per referral, Armoire members earn $75 in account credit with each friend that joins. That’s a whole lot more cha-ching for your wallet! At Armoire, referred members get their first month for only $49, making Armoire the best Rent the Runway alternative for women looking for the most value for the price of their membership. 

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Header image provided by Armoire member Shannon Mann.

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