Sustainable Plus-Size Clothing Rental: The Easy Alternative to Fast Fashion

With over half of American women wearing size 14 or above, there’s an undeniable need for sustainable plus-size clothing. Yet, there’s limited eco-friendly options available at today’s retailers. For women who wear plus sizes, it can feel like being curvy and caring about the environment are mutually exclusive. With Armoire’s plus-size clothing subscription, they don’t have to be!

Armoire brings ethical, elevated basics to all women. We believe every woman deserves access to a sustainable wardrobe, and shouldn’t have to sacrifice their values or style because of size. Whether you are shopping for a size XS or a size 3X, you’ll have the same great personalized experience.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how Armoire’s curated plus-size clothing rental is tackling the industry’s sustainability problem head on.


Fast Fashion: The Curvy Industry’s Catch-22

Rent Of Mercer
Image courtesy of Of Mercer.

There’s also no denying that the plus size industry is over-run with low-cost, low-quality clothing. Popular plus-friendly fast fashion companies like Fashion Nova and Forever 21 have flooded the industry with low-quality goods in high volumes. With limited sustainable options (and even fewer affordable options), shopping can be a guilt-inducing experience for curvy customers.

When it comes to the lack of sustainable plus-size clothing, what’s a boss lady to do?

Armoire: The Industry-Leading Answer

Armoire’s plus-size clothing rental offers a simple solution. As the fashion industry’s first curated plus-size clothing rental subscription, Armoire offers a more sustainable alternative to the traditional plus-size shopping experience. Unlike the typical hunt for sustainable options (which includes lots of searching, scrolling and frustration), Armoire gets straight to the good stuff.

rent sustainable plus-size clothing
Image courtesy of Of Mercer.

Regardless if you are a size 0 or size 22, you’ll only see items in your closet in sizes and styles you specify. Each click helps our one-of-a-kind algorithm to better understand your unique style and fit preferences, and connect you to the styles you love even faster.

Through renting instead of purchasing clothing, curvy women can wear their favorite curve-celebrating brands guilt-free. Our inventory features a growing number of styles from size-inclusive brands like GRAVITAS, Of Mercer, See ROSE Go, Pari Passu and more in up to size 3X.

Rental also reduces your closet’s environmental footprint by avoiding unnecessary or unsuccessful purchases. Say goodbye to those ill-fitting items that never leave the depths of your closet with our easy (and free) size exchanges.

Ready to rent the plus-sized wardrobe of your dreams? Take our 3-minute style quiz to get started on your sustainable style journey.


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