7 Reasons to try Armoire for Plus-Size Clothing Rental

Today, over 68% of American women wear a size 14 or above, yet plus-wearing women have long been left out of fashion’s mainstream. Armoire provides curvy women access to their dream wardrobes through offering the first personalized plus-size clothing rental subscription. Our inclusive sizing, XS to 3X to be precise, makes it easy for women of all sizes to find clothing that fits, flatters and feels great!

Here at Armoire, we believe women deserve great fashion, no matter the size stitched on the label.


1. A size-inclusive closet curated especially for you

Historically, the fashion industry has segregated women who wear plus-sizes into a different category. At Armoire, we don’t view plus-sizing as a separate category, but instead an extension in which all Armoire members have the same experience and number of options to choose from. Our quick style quiz helps our algorithm and team of professional stylists better understand your individual style and fit preferences. Regardless if you are a size O or size 22, you’ll only see items in your closet in sizes and styles you specify.

While other companies may call themselves plus-friendly, the largest size they carry is only an XL. When we say size-inclusive, we mean it! Armoire carries curve-celebrating brands like GRAVITAS, Brass, Tart, Of Mercer, Adrianna Papell, See Rose Go, & Pari Passu in up to size 3X. These labels view a woman with the same lens we do — she’s a woman regardless of size.

Not sure which plus-size clothing subscription box to try? Take this quick quiz to find out!

plus size clothing rental

2. High end basics, up to size 3X

It can be difficult for women of any body type to find staples like a great white tee or the perfect black trouser. Add in being part of an underserved market with limited options already and the challenge becomes even more daunting. The plus-size market is flooded with fast fashion options. In fact, the average price point is under $50 per item. We spent months finding high-end and designer plus-size women’s clothing brands that only offer high quality styles. Unlike the majority of the plus market, the average price point of items at Armoire is $150+, basics included.

plus size clothing rental

3. Enjoy the comfort of an at-home dressing room

Put an end to stressful shopping experiences by trying Armoire’s plus-size clothing rental from the comfort of your own closet. With careers, kids and side hustles, not every boss lady has the luxury of spending a leisurely afternoon shopping. If traditional shopping isn’t your thing, your at-home Armoire experience lets you find a way that works for you. Try on rented pieces with other favorites you already own, live-chat with your Armoire stylist (Monday through Friday, from 9 to 5) or host an impromptu fashion show with your friends.

plus size clothing rental

4. Find the perfect fit with unlimited exchanges

Dressing your curves can feel especially challenging when it comes to sizing. The majority of mainstream fashion has far from figured out how to create clothing that flatters a plus-size figure. With a number of different fits and sizes, it can be hard knowing which clothing fits and flatters your curvy body type. Whether you need a size up, a size down or a new style all together, Armoire’s free shipping and unlimited exchanges mean you’ll always find the right fit.

Unlike other plus-size clothing rental services like Rent the Runway, Stitch Fix and Gwynnie Bee that charge extra to exchange items individually, Armoire members can size swap anytime for free. Our complimentary dry cleaning ensures your rentals feel like new every time.

5. Support sustainability, avoid unnecessary purchases

With an influx of information about the damaging environmental effects of fast fashion, plus-size customers can easily feel backed into a corner. Due to an overwhelming lack of sustainable options, especially affordable ones, curvy women can feel that fast fashion purchases are their only choice. Armoire’s rental system offers a more eco-friendly retail alternative, meaning you’ll never have to sacrifice your desire to dress sustainability due to your dress size.

plus size clothing rental

Renting is commitment-free, so try something outside of your comfort zone! Avoid a closet full of unwanted, unworn clothing through renting instead of purchasing items you’ll only wear once. Armoire members can update their style and fit preferences at any time to accommodate for a changing sizes and style needs. Whether you’re heading to a wedding or work function, try a bold print or a new neckline risk-free. Throw away the outdated assumption that plus-wearing women can’t wear certain styles due to their size!

6. Work 1:1 with a personal stylist

We understand that not every boss lady loves to shop or has time in their busy schedule to do so. Now add in the one-two punch of limited options and societal body shaming that comes with being over a size 12 and things go from bad to worse. Instead of Stop by our Seattle-area boutiques or schedule a 1:1 digital styling appointment with one of Armoire’s professional stylists. Our staff are experienced dressing women of all body types. Need help finding your next first few items? All new members can enjoy a complimentary personal styling service when they join.

plus size clothing rental

7. Feel included and empowered by our member-only groups and events

We know that the fashion industry casually throws around words like inclusivity, empowerment and body positivity without putting much weight behind them. Armoire is different, and our member-exclusive groups and events are the proof in our pudding. Our PWR Chat group is a place for Armoire members from across the country to share advice, outfit pics and everything in between.

Ready to revolutionize your plus-size wardrobe? Take our 3-minute style quiz to get started!


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