Rebekah Adams of Poppyseed Maternity is Giving Women Smart Clothing That Fits Regardless


Her Story

Rebekah Adams | Owner & Designer | Poppyseed

I grew up on the central coast of California and the countryside of the Midwest. I am a Military spouse and am married to my best friend. We have a bright eyed toddler who has the cutest dimples this side of anything. I graduated from Meredith College in NC with a degree in Apparel Design. Before starting Poppyseed I contracted with companies ranging from a Ballet Company, to a menswear tech start-up. I am an avid runner, a believer and a drinker of copious amounts of tea (black with almond milk, please and thanks). I love community. I love calling Tacoma, WA home and I love helping others. Also, the original Star Wars Trilogy is and will always be the best.

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Her Brand

Behind Poppyseed

The concept for Poppyseed began years ago. I was working on my senior collection for school and my sister, who was modeling for me, told me she was expecting (!) and would be showing for the shoot. Instead of finding a new model I decided to create her a kick ass dress that could work as a maternity dress, while still looking great worn afterwards. I didn’t know it then, but that was the first version of The Zipper Dress. Years down the road, and LOTS of research and trial and error, I launched our Kickstarter Campaign to fund our first design: The Zipper Dress. A month later it got funded and produced down in LA! That was 3 years ago now. Since then we have created 3 other collections, all designed for women, pregnant or not who are craving smarter clothing that can change shape and bring them through various seasons of life. Pregnancy? Yes. Menopause? Yes. Styling multiple ways? Yes.

That’s why I do this: to give women smarter clothing that solves problems and fits regardless.

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Armoire x Poppyseed Collaboration

I love that because of Armoire, women will be able to “try out” our designs before deciding to purchase. So why should you rent Poppyseed? Well, we are a small company made up of women who are dedicated to producing high quality garments for you. Each step from sketching, pattern making, cutting and sewing is done by hand in our studio. We love this country and everything is Made in USA. Each piece, save for our Zipper Dresses, has been made by hand by our team here in WA. We strive to be as sustainable as possible, sourcing our fabric from end of bolt warehouses, vintage sellers, and ethical and family owned fabric mills. We’re doing something different over here, and hope you will be part of it.

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Her Style

Favorite Style Tip

Be brave. Don’t take yourself (or fashion) too seriously.

Get Sh*T Done Mode

Hair up, music blasting, and a cup of tea within reach.

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Boss Lady Inspiration

Too many to count, but the short list:

1. Jenna Kutcher

2. Suk Chai

3. My sisters and Mom

Treat Yourself

Going to bed early! A long run along the sound. Watching This Is Us while eating gluten free chocolate cake.

The Future of Fashion

This industry has been ballooning for decades and I think people are getting tired of the consumerism. As more customers become educated about the process of fast fashion they are starting to crave a real connection with who made their clothing. I believe, and hope (!!) that as this happens that the industry will become more sustainable and will thrive in a green and conscientious way. I’m excited and proud that Poppyseed is part of that change.

Advice for Professional Women

Don’t be afraid of hard work, this is your dream after all. Ask for help when you need it. Make sure your work helps others. Remember that you have a unique voice and were put on this planet for a reason. Be you.


Since it’s our mission to discover great female designers for you to try at Armoire, keep checking back. Poppyseed is just one of the many women founded brands you can try when you rent with us.

Plus ten reasons you should rent clothes here.

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