Flattering Post-Partum Fashion for New Moms

Today’s guest post on post-partum fashion was written and styled in collaboration with Armoire member and mom of two, Hillary Berenato. You can see more of her great post-partum fashion on her blog Gardenia Avenue or Instagram @gardeniaavenueblog.

Love clothes? Me too!!! Does my husband love me buying tons of clothes? Not exactly. Enter Armoire —the solution to my rapidly growing wardrobe problem. With Armoire, you can try different styles and discover new designers, all while not feeling guilty about buying clothes and only wearing them once. I was getting to the point in my pregnancy where my clothes weren’t fitting well and BOOM, Armoire appeared! I was thrilled that Armoire carried maternity clothes – and amazing ones at that! It really is such a confidence booster to FEEL good in what you’re wearing during a time when you aren’t exactly feeling like your usual self. 


Post-partum fashion can be a challenge for any new mom. As your body changes, your sleep schedule goes out the window and your life becomes centered around your new baby, your wardrobe moves lower and lower on your list of priorities.

Post-Partum Fashion Every New Mom Needs

Post-Baby Belly Friendly Denim

A couple pairs of jeans that make you feel great: I love trying out all the jeans Armoire has to offer – a new favorite for me are high-waisted jeans. They are so flattering for my post-baby body and I feel so confident in them! Renting different brands and styles is convenient so I can see what I like and what I don’t on a weekly basis. These destroyed jeans make me feel like a cool mom!

Need help finding your perfect pair? Schedule a 1:1 digital styling appointment with one of our stylists.

rent post-partum clothes

Rent these Fashionable ‘Mom’ Jeans


3 x 1

Anine Bing

Oversized Sweaters

Nothing beats a classic chunky knit! Oversized sweaters are a must for the upcoming cold months. There is nothing better than the feeling of a quality, cozy sweater when it’s cold out. BONUS, because of the oversized fit, it’s not clingy or too fitted in the midsection so I can enjoy all the goodies the holiday season has to offer!

Love cashmere? Try these cozy knits!

fashion for new moms

Rent these nursing-friendly knits



Show Me Your Mumu

Textured Outerwear

As a new mom, I’m always on the go. Instead of grabbing your drab old sweatshirt, toss on a fun coat instead. Even if you’re throwing it on over leggings and a tee, you’ll feel put together. This gorgeous tweed jacket is an essential in my closet now because you can throw it over almost anything and it will make such a statement!

fashion for new moms

Printed jackets to rent

Alice & Olivia


Cupcakes and Cashmere

A Show-Stopping Jumpsuit

At some point, every new mom needs to get her MOJO back! If you’ve just had a baby, you spend most of your time in sweatpants or covered in spit-up. You deserve a night out in a look that makes you feel great! My confidence is at a level 10 with this jumpsuit. I am a firm believer in self-care, and clothing rental is a way you can squeeze a little something in for yourself. Armoire boosts my self confidence because I have access to wide variety of pieces that make me feel amazing!

Learn how to style a jumpsuit from desk to dinner.

rent post-partum fashion

Rent these MILF-making jumpsuits

Yumi Kim

French Connection

Ali & Jay

Clothing Rental: A New Mom’s BFF

I feel like my body is changing week to week. From losing the baby weight, to fluctuating bra sizes, my body is on a roller coaster. I love that with Armoire, I can choose new sizes every time. Also, as a new mom, I don’t have the luxury of running to the mall looking for clothes like I used to. Having the items arrive straight to my door is amazing!

Hillary’s favorite part about using Armoire

There are so many… I’ll name a couple! One, seeing my Armoire package a day early – sometimes a Monday afternoon order is on our front porch by Tuesday!  Two, they make it SO easy to return the items,  a large pre-addressed bag is included in your shipment, allowing for quick drop off’s at the post office. Three, the selection! They have tons and tons of different styles to choose from, so every occasion is covered! 

Her go-to Armoire outfit

As much as I love wearing the gorgeous jumpsuits and dresses that I’ve rented, I feel most confident in an amazing pair of jeans and a great top. When I am comfortable and my clothes fit well, I feel confident. Now, that is some Boss Lady Power

A Peek Inside Hillary’s Closet


Rag & Bone

Bobi Black


James Perse

As new mom, you have enough to worry about. Simplify your life— and your post-partum fashion— with clothing rental. Take our style quiz to get started!


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