Boss Lady Spotlight: Liz Boudreau

At Armoire, we’re casting a spotlight on some of the notable, powerful boss ladies in our community, and what being a boss lady means to them. Read on to learn all about Armoire member Liz Boudreau.

Her Life:


I received a Hospitality Business degree from Michigan State University and started my career operating restaurants in Chicago. I worked with several amazing chefs and operators and would eventually take on the role of opening new restaurants. After a fruitful 10-year career in restaurants, I decided to transition to new industries – technology, travel, and now coworking. The common theme being that I gravitated towards startups and new business launches where environments were fast-moving and everchanging. I love digging in and solving tough problems.


These days I’m busy being a thirty-something-year-old mom, wife, and friend while running a new coworking business. I’m constantly striving to achieve that mythical state of being called “balance” in my life.


 My future goals include: get more sleep, drink more water, be more present.

Her Career:

How she’s redefining women who work:

When I had my son three years ago I didn’t know what my career would like – it was a very stressful time. The pull to go back to work while not wanting to leave your newborn in the care of others is a real struggle for every mother that I know. Three years later and I still have a hard time with it. I think accepting and owning my struggle is redefining women who work. Women have to work that much harder, at work and at home, to be “successful” in their careers. From the outside, it may look like I have my shit together – I have a great job, I spend quality time with my family, I’m healthy. However, these things take an immense amount of effort on my part. These efforts by all working women should not be glossed over or taken for granted.

Her biggest challenge:

I operate a brand new business. The most challenging (and exciting) part is growing the business and putting all the systems in place to run the business. I’m inspired by the smart people that I work with and the values for which we stand for as an organization. Our purpose pushes me through the ups and downs of startup life

Her secret to a work/life balance:

I don’t believe that work/life balance exists – it’s a constant battle, especially when you have a toddler at home. My advice – develop a support system (spouse/partner/friends/family) and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Also, buy a Peloton bike. It’s a game-changer.

What she wishes she knew 5 years ago:

Use a moisturizer with SPF, and always moisturize before bed!

Her advice:

Lean into challenges, find a mentor, be willing to get your hands dirty, and remember to find joy in your work.

Her Style:

Why she uses Armoire:

I am incredibly strapped for time these days, and was stuck in a rut of shopping at the same two online shops. My wardrobe felt stale and some of my clothes just didn’t fit properly (because of online shopping). I had always thought of myself as being fashion forward, but I was definitely not feeling that way over the past few years. I had worked remotely for 2 years, but now that I was back in an office setting my lack of appropriate clothing options was becoming harder to ignore. I heard about Armoire from a friend and decided to take the plunge.

Her favorite part:

I love being presented with new brands and fashion styles that I didn’t have to seek out myself. I’ve started to take risks with my wardrobe that I just wouldn’t have done before if I had to commit to purchasing that single item. I was rarely complimented on my outfits prior to Armoire – but now I get a compliment each time I wear a new piece.

Boss Lady Go-To:

I love my Zuri dress – the striking colors and interesting cut make it a go-to outfit. I feel like it’s a great piece that reflects my personality and makes me feel put together at work and at home.

Zuri Dress from Armoire


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