How to Find Fair Trade Clothing Companies

The most important action to take in making a difference in anything is learning about how to help. An easy and fast way to learn about supporting fair trade clothing companies is through blogs and social media.


Fair trade clothing companies are constantly trying to spread awareness about their mission to create transparency in their clothing production. Some of our favorite blogs to learn more about fair trade are, The Curated Column from Armoire, The Good Trade, and Eco Warrior Princess. These blogs highlight reasons to support fair trade and how to best support fair trade.


Fair trade companies are on the path towards a sustainable fashion industry by demonstrating ethical practices that support their employees and the planet. By supporting fair trade clothing brands you are helping save the planet, helping give fair and equal conditions to clothing industry workers. It is easy to support fair trade companies when you can find them in one place. Through Armoire’s rental service, it is easy to wear fair trade clothing brands such as Amour Vert, Boden, Lacausa and more. Save time, money, and support companies making a difference by using Armoire.


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