Zankhna Parekh, the Boss Lady Behind Zaftan by Zankhna Designs

At Armoire, we’re casting a spotlight on some of the notable, powerful boss ladies in our community, and what being a boss lady means to them. Read on to learn all about Zankhna Parekh, founder of Zaftan by Zankhna Designs, and her brand’s modern take on traditional styles.


Her Story

I have been stitching and designing since I was 14 years old. I had a phenomenal career as a physical therapist, but about 7 years ago decided to start a fashion line. I felt there was a growing need in the luxury market for clothing suitable for high achieving, go-getter type women. Women who were putting cracks in the glass ceiling yet wanted to be effortlessly stylish. 

 Zankhna Parekh founder of Zaftan by Zankhna Designs

I spent the first 17 years of my life in Nairobi, Kenya and moved to America to pursue further education. I came to USA in 1994 with $50 in my pocket and nowhere to live!  Today, I live the American dream of not only one but two successful careers. These days, I reside in Durham, NC with my husband and three beautiful kids. I consider myself a living testament of how hard work and consistency will yield good results. My designs have international flair, influenced by my three different geographical backgrounds and varied cultural upbringing.

A super mom of three kids, I now know what it takes to nurture a family and head a company at the same time. I am also an active philanthropist and continue to use my Physical Therapy background to help the community at large. I am the co-founder of the Parekh Family Foundation, a non-profit which supports global education, research and missionary medical aid. Since its inception in 2010, the foundation has reached a number of milestones including performing the first ankle replacement in the history of India. In our 10 years, we’ve cared for over 1200 charitable patients, performed over 200 surgeries, trained over 1500 orthopedic surgeons and 600 physical therapists, and helped establish over 8 Foot and Ankle Centers in India. The foundation has now branched out to Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.

The Brand

Zankhna Designs, has come a long way since its establishment in 2013. Our pieces cater to women who want to be effortlessly stylish while putting cracks in the glass ceiling. I felt there was a need in the luxury space for elegant, timeless clothing made of pure and rich silk fabrics with hand done embroideries.

Zaftan by Zankhna Designs

The Zaftan™ collection caters to the modern, on-the-go woman who wants to be effortlessly trendy! The Zaftan™ is a modern twist on the traditional Kaftans, carefully cut and styled to suit the fashion needs of Generation X, Y and Z! This limited collection is made of pure silks and rich fabrics with all hand-done embroidery and hand-dyed ombre fabrics.

We consider it an absolute privilege to dress real life women— everyday heroes that deserve recognition. At our fashion shows, we use real life role ‘models’ who are prominent, empowering women in the community. They serve as inspiration for women around the world to work hard and succeed in any sphere of life. We want to show women that they don’t have to belong to a specific mold of looking attractive to be successful. Zaftan™ by Zankhna Designs strongly believes in creating an impact and applauds real life women. We are a fashion label that supports change makers and celebrates women’s successes. We feel women should rally together and be cheerleaders for each other. 

Zaftan by Zankhna Designs

We want to show women that they don’t have to belong to a specific mold of looking attractive to be successful.

Zankhna Parekh

Along with our emphasis on aesthetics and quality workmanship, Zaftan™ by Zankhna Designs is a socially conscious and pro-green company. We believe in recycling unused fabrics, producing timeless clothing that does not fall into the category of disposable fashion. It is important to us to decrease our fashion footprint on this earth, and give back to our community. Our fashion shows donate proceeds to local charities because  we have as strong a belief in giving back as we do entrepreneurship.

Zankhna Designs x Armoire Collaboration

Zaftan™ by Zankhna Designs and Armoire share the same values and same goals! We both dress boss ladies— trailblazing women who are changing the world. We’re proud to be one of the many female designers carried by Armoire.

This is an incredible collaboration, and the perfect solution for busy women to be stylish, modest and comfortable at the same time! We know through this partnership that we will help women conquer the world and look good doing it! What better way than two companies full of boss ladies joining forces!

My advice for successful women: Confidence is the best fashion statement.  Be confident, be you!  It will show regardless of what you wear.

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