3 Ways to Make a Raincoat Look Chic

You’ve spent your morning putting yourself together — to realize it’s raining outside. With these easy ways to make a raincoat look chic, your rainy days will be a bit brighter (and dryer). Walking to work in the rain is a drag, so why not let a fun raincoat brighten up your day. With Armoire, get access to a rotating selection of outerwear to weather any storm, without the clutter or expense. Wear it once, and then send it back for a new look — because you can. We’ll always carry the freshest styles, so you can stay dry while looking good. Being based in Seattle, we consider ourselves to be a bit of an expert in the field.

Here are 3 ways to make a raincoat look chic enough you’ll be saying, “Rain rain don’t go away.”


1. April Showers Bring May Flowers

An easy way to dress up our Stutterheim raincoat, fit for Spring, is to layer with floral prints. From dresses, to rompers, to jumpsuits, we love Yumi Kim’s bold florals. Yumi Kim’s “greatest reward is knowing every woman who wears my designs feels like the best version of herself,” even under pouring rain.

ways to make a raincoat look chic

2. Make A Statement

The classic, yellow raincoat is having a moment. When you sport a yellow raincoat, you may not know it but you’re in on a major come-back trend. Our Rains yellow raincoat adds a pop of color to an otherwise gloomy day. Pair it with your everyday office attire, creating the vibe you’re subtly cool AND playful.

ways to make a raincoat look chic

3. Go Retro

The transparent raincoat is a fresh take on this formerly dull essential. It’s also a throwback to the 90s (remember jellies?!). With our see-through Rains jacket, you don’t have to hide your thoughtfully selected outfit. The sun may not be shining, but your style sure will be.

ways to make a raincoat look chic

Ready to simplify your life and your wardrobe? Rent these cute ways to make a raincoat chic and more with Armoire. Take our style quiz to get started.


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