Boss Lady Spotlight: Tracy Squillace

At Armoire, we’re casting a spotlight on some of the notable, powerful boss ladies in our community, and what being a boss lady means to them. Read on to learn all about Armoire member, Tracy Squillace.

Who she is:

I’m Tracy. Irish/Italian. Mother to four. My texting speed is 1234 WPM and I love words and use them for good. I run a creative agency rooted in PR called Action Mary located in Capitol Hill. We believe that humans are wildly different. And that’s what unites us. No matter what our individual lives look like, our shared experience on this planet binds us together even as the currents of social change roil around us. This is our truth at Action Mary. We’re a fiery team of designers, creators, and PR pros helping clients elevate the common human element inherent in their brand to lead positive change in the world.

How she’s redefining the boss lady:

I am anti-lean-in, anti-balance, anti-you-can-have-it-all.  That belief system leads women astray and leaves them feeling less than because they aren’t acing everything every time in every way.   I believe in staying present –what’s in front of me is what gets all of me. Whether that’s my work, my children, my husband or my workout (or tbh, my occasional nap), I try to immerse myself fully.   It’s not always possible but it’s something I strive for. That way I know I’m giving–and they’re getting–my very best effort. 

What she wishes she had known 10 years ago:

In Joie Dress from Armoire

That it’s never perfect, and to chase perfection is a futile (and exhausting) pipe dream. Better is always better and the target is always moving. Work towards incremental advancement.  Soon you’ll look back and see the marathon of your success. Also, sleep is #1, get allll the sleep you can while you still can.


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