What You’re Really Getting From Your Armoire Case

It’s no secret that shopping can be a pain. Sure, we love the thrill of wearing new clothes, and that confident new-shoes-strut, but insert traffic, tedious online shopping and the struggle to find things that fit. Shopping actually takes quite a toll on us – especially on our wallets.

Find a smarter solution

For starters, let’s talk about how much the average woman spends on clothing per month. There’s a ton of pressure for women to constantly be wearing new clothing, to always look put together and stay on trend. It’s a general rule of thumb that professional women should spend 5% of their monthly income on clothing, which means, on average, women are spending $150-$400 per month. And that’s just the routine spending which doesn’t include the “I need a dress for a conference coming up,” or “I saw this skirt in the window and just had to try it.”

Where it gets even more dangerous is with wardrobe updates, such as at the start of a new season. A whopping 73% of women update over a quarter of their closet every three months. This means the rate at which we’re cycling through clothing leaves 15% of women with nothing older than 5 years in their closet. Even with this, 3 in 5 women routinely complain about the age-old struggle of feeling like you have nothing to wear. We’re shelling out incredible amounts of money to keep up with seasons, trends, and events.

But we’re not done yet. We still need to factor in the hidden costs- things like dry cleaning. Women spend $1500 on dry cleaning annually (and don’t even get us started on the fact that men’s shirts cost an average of $2.86 to be cleaned while women’s cost $4.95). Shopping is also a huge time-suck. Think of how much time you spend scrolling through 10 pages of nearly identical dresses, dropping off/picking up dry cleaning, trying on endless items of clothing.

So what are you actually getting from your Armoire membership? (Besides compliments from all your friends, that is)

  • Up to 16 items per month. This could be 12 new outfits, giving you that satisfactory closet refresh and new-clothing-confidence without the major setback in your spending. Added bonus: with all of our items valued at $200+, you’re hitting that put-together, professional bosslady look with ease.
  • Outfits for every occasion. Gone are the days of buying a dress for an upcoming event, only to let it collect dust in the back of your closet. In fact, over half of women report that 25% of their closet is never worn, totalling to about $600 thrown out the window.
  • An easy break-up with your dry cleaner. $50-$125/month is too much to be spending on cleaning alone, which is why we’ll do it for you, and send back some ready-to-wear styles.
  • And most importantly, time back into your day. We’re here to give you more time to do what you love, without the endless hours of internet browsing and threat of carpal tunnel. Imagine a world where there’s no need to stand in department store fitting room lines, or try to find parking at the mall on a Saturday. With Armoire’s on-demand closets, and the ability to “shop” from the comfort of your own home, you’re free to put time back into what you love.

As one member puts it, “Armoire is a value add for every woman. Armoire gives me access to the top styles and designers of the moment in an affordable, convenient and eco-friendly package. I love the service!”

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