Boss Lady Spotlight: Gillian Muessig

At Armoire, we’re casting a spotlight on some of the notable, powerful boss ladies in our community, and what being a boss lady means to them. Read on to learn all about Armoire member, Gillian Muessig.

Who she is:

I’ve spent many years as a tech entrepreneur and later as an investor. I’ve keynoted and lectured around the world on the subject of digital marketing and later on the subject of gender lens investing. Investing in women is not just a ‘passion project.’ Investing in women makes financial sense. Women leaders return substantially higher ROI in both the public and private sector. Diverse founding teams consistently return the highest ROI. As I raise the Masters Fund – a $100 million dollar gender lens venture fund, I intend to make my investors very wealthy. They will do well by doing good.

And that is our byline – we invest in companies that are building better ways to live and work together.

How she’s redefining the boss lady:

Women work today as they always have. There is work and entrepreneurship of necessity and there is work and entrepreneurship of opportunity. My goal is to provide the funding that makes it possible for more women to engage in entrepreneurship of opportunity. The world has a broad variety of problems to be solved. It will require all genders, all ages, all experiences, all people, to solve them. Let’s get them funded!


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