Rent Wildfang Exclusively through Armoire

Great news, Boss Ladies! You can now rent Wildfang, exclusively through Armoire. Consider it a match made in startup heaven. Wildfang is female-founded, size-inclusive and stereotype smashing, just like us!

To say we’re excited is an understatement! Armoire is currently the only place to get Wildfang, outside of their own site and boutiques. Their gender-bending styles, empowering graphics and menswear-inspired suiting are the perfect additions to any boss lady’s work wardrobe.

Read on to hear from Taralyn Thuot, Chief Creative at Wildfang (and panelist at our Armoire x Wildfang launch party) about the brand’s inclusive vision for the future of fashion.


Taralyn Thuot: The Boss Lady Behind the Brand

Wildfang co-founder, Emma Mcilroy & Wildfang Creative Director, Taralyn Thuot

I’m Chief Creative and employee #1 at Wildfang, the brand famous for f*cking with gender norms and empowering womxn to be and wear whatever the hell they want. When I’m not hitting the karaoke mic or playing with my Frenchie McClane, I’m working to bring womxn premium, on trend, and great fitting styles that were traditionally off-limits to them (think suiting, button ups, and workwear) or designing retail experiences that are as charming and irreverant as they are helpful and therapeutic.

Wildfang: By Womxn, For Womxn

Wildfang was built on the belief that a womxn has the right to be who she wants and wear what she wants. So we launched our brand to serve up styles to womxn that were traditionally off limits to them (suiting, workwear, button ups, provacative graphics). But we wanted to be more than just a clothing retailer, we wanted to actually fuel womxn in their everyday lives. That’s why we’ve given over 400k to charity, helped save the last abortion clinic in South Dakota, implemented Free Speech events at our stores, and speak out on issues that matter to our community.

Wildfang blazers

Rent Wildfang Exclusively through Armoire

Wildfang is not your traditional fast fashion retailer.  We make quality goods and styles that you can’t find at most malls. We know some of our products can feel intimidating because of that. Take suiting, some womxn worry they can’t pull it off or are unsure of size/fit because it is such a tailored style. So we love that our partnership with Armoire can give womxn a low risk way to build their confidence in rocking the Wildfang look.

Office Attire: Wildfang Style

First off, your best accessory is confidence. No matter what you are wearing, if you look like you are owning it, people will respect you and the look.  So if something doesn’t make you feel like the boss you are, axe it! Secondly, I always remind people to go high-lo and always mix a bit of casual into a professional look. Whether it’s rocking chucks with a suit, or rolling up your sleeves, or keeping that top or bottom button unbuttoned, a little nod to effortlessness will have you looking polished without looking stuffy.

Wildfang favorites to add to your next Armoire package.


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