How To Wear The Latest Denim Trends

Most Bossladies are loyal to their favorite pair of jeans. However, there’s much to be said (and gained) by trying out some of the new denim trends that crop up almost weekly. You never know when you’re going to find that special pair that flatters your figure and ups your style game in one fell swoop.

Jeans are expensive, and most of us don’t want to invest in a trendy pair that might only live through a season before becoming passe. Here at Armoire, we’ve got that problem solved. Renting clothes allows you to experiment with denim trends at no risk (plus all the tops to finish these ensembles), while looking damn good doing so.

Read on to learn how Armoire can help you have fun trying out new styles, and how to integrate these pieces into your existing wardrobe.



Overalls are so much fun. Not only are they a charming throwback to our youth, but the current cuts are streamlined and flattering, rather than boxy and utilitarian. Paired with a fitted top, they highlight the waist and create a sense of visual length.

Stylist Tip: While they’re easily dressed up, they look just as good with sneakers and a t-shirt, especially if you roll the cuffs up just a tad above the ankle bone.


Side Slits

Though the cut of these jeans is reasonably basic and demure, the side slits are undeniably sexy, and perfect with a lacy top or tank for a night out. Add heels and some statement jewelry, and you will strike that perfect balance of demure and alluring.

Stylist Tip: If you choose to downplay the inherent sexiness of these jeans, a nautical striped tee and clogs or oxfords create a French-influenced juxtaposition.

Les Basics


The key to finding the right embroidered jeans is finding a pair that’s conventional in cut and color, so the embellishment really stands out.

Stylist Tip: Since the jeans themselves are a statement piece, keep the rest of your look classic; a plain black, white, or gray top, or a menswear-inspired striped button down shirt, will create a charming sartorial combination, especially when topped with a well-cut blazer.


Statement Hems

Possibly the most pervasive trend in jeans right now are pairs that sport a sawed off or unfinished hem, whether it’s asymmetrical, frayed, super-cropped and wide…the list goes on and on. As these jeans feel a bit deconstructed, you’ll want to add some polish to them. Try topping these off with one of spring’s diaphanous blouses that are available in a variety of ice cream shades and sunny prints.

Stylist Tip: Since these jeans draw the eye to the hemline, take care to pick a pair of standout heels to complete the outfit—something glossy and ladylike that plays off the casual quality of the jeans.



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