4 Pieces, 8 Looks — Workday To Weekend

At Armoire, we love hearing all the different ways our bosslady members wear their styles. One of our favorite methods, and one that is incredibly time and cost efficient, is to use Armoire as a sort of wardrobe stimulus package. Just like adding a few new ingredients from your pantry can create an even more appetizing and cohesive meal — we’ve got those same special ingredients to spice up your wardrobe. With Armoire, add color, texture, and newness to your favorite basic essentials.

With a few tips from our Senior Stylist, Marie-Caroline Moir, make the most of what you already have in your closet and gain the ability to create dozens of new choices with your monthly subscription box.

Read on to see how Armoire helps you curate elevated looks for your busy work week, and for your precious downtime on the weekend.

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Styles by: Diane Von Furstenberg, Alice + Olivia, Theory

2. Black Leather Jacket

Avoid the instinctive pairing you’d usually choose for this jacket, and go for counterintuitive combos instead.

Workday: Throw your jacket over a diaphanous dress or skirt, and a black turtleneck; the juxtaposition of gritty and graceful will be startlingly charming.

Weekend: Try your tough-girl jacket with joggers, or some flowy culottes—both great choices.  Blocky heels, clogs, or white sneakers are all spot-on shoe choices, while a bright knit beanie keeps the entire outfit slightly, and appealingly, off-kilter.

Styles by: A.Oei, Paper Crown, Joie, Ted Baker, Milly

3. White T-Shirt

Your trusty white tee is no longer just a weekend staple; with a little imagination, you can create a cookbook full of outfit recipes built around this humble little guy.

Workday: French tuck your t-shirt into a bold, tweedy pencil skirt, and add some sling-back kitten heels and wrap a cozy cowl around your neck if your office trends towards frosty.

Weekend: Give the predictable cocktail dress the night off, and play with a sexy combination of high and low for a date night or girls’ night out. Wear a dark, shapely skirt with this understated top, and gain all sorts of freedom to go nuts with some sky-high heels, or super-bold statement jewelry.  Alternatively, a pair of silky trousers with a t-shirt is a fun, unexpected style for evening.  Again, with such a simple shirt, you have lots of visual space to play with your accessories—so have fun with them!

Styles by: Boden, Ted Baker

4. Sheath or Shift Dress

Naturally, this bad boy will never be a bad choice, especially in a dark neutral shade, but who says you can’t experiment with an old standby?

Work: Modernize and refresh the classic silhouette of these dresses by layering a bright blouse or crisp white button-down underneath the dress.

Weekend: Make the classic feel artsy with minimalist flats and a statement coat, plus a structured handbag; this a perfect ensemble for Sunday morning brunches and afternoon museum visits.

Styles by: Scotch & Soda, Tularosa, Equipment, Prairie Underground, Diane Von Furstenberg


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